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    Menu system not 100% working correctly

    Dave.Hollings Level 1

      I have asked to create a website in flash however I have hit a slight issue with my menu system I am building. The code to me looks fine. I'll try and explain the issue. There is a _global variable called currentpage, and when the site first loads this variable is populated with the value of 'home'. When the user clicks a button on the menu lets say 'Changing' the menu system is supposed to look at the value of the _global.currentpage and then play a particular label (called 'normalin') within that instances mc. Then it is meant to play a particular label (called 'down')within the 'changing' instance mc and then finally got back to the root and play the label for the changing page. When this label set is played the _global.currentpage is updated with 'changing'.

      Unforuntalety this is not happening. Everything is working fine apart for it playing the normalin frame label. I have attached the code for the menu mc in the hope someone will be able to identify why this is not working. If you would like to help then I can also upload the fla on request.

      I look forward to hearing from someone soon and hope this is just a small issue and I am overlooking something.