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    Zoom to full window size

    Dan-BTP Level 1

      I use the following script to reset my documents to the first page and zoom to full window size (like Ctrl+0):


      with (app.activeDocument.layoutWindows[0]) {

          activePage = app.activeDocument.pages[0];

          screenMode = ScreenModeOptions.previewToPage;




      I am working on a 15" laptop with a 24" screen connected to it, and the 24" screen is set to be the only display (in Windows 7).


      When I run this script directly in InDesign CS6 from the Scripts panel, it works fine. When I run the script using DoScript in a VB.NET program, the resulting document is scaled as though it were displayed on the 15" screen of my laptop. How can I make InDesign scale based on the 24" screen and not the 15" screen?