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    Adobe Air


      I am getting amn error message re: adobe air. "application descriptor could not be found...." I uninstalled then downloaded but still get the same message. What can I do? Thanks

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Does this message occur when you start the app up?  Can you point me to the installer so I can give it a try?

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            johnl6849 Level 1

            The error message occurs when I start up my computer. When you say “installer” what do you mean? I downloaded from the Adobe Air web site…

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Ok, sounds like you have an AIR application being launched at startup that has somehow corrupted itself.  Reinstalling AIR won't help, what we need to do is identify this application and either remove it from the startup list or uninstall/reinstall it.


              The easiest way to determine what AIR apps you have installed on your system is to actually uninstall Adobe AIR from the Programs and Features control panel (add/remove programs.)  When you start the uninstall process, a dialog will appear asking if you really want to uninstall.  This dialog will list out all of the programs on your system that currently rely on AIR being installed.  Note this list of applications and then cancel the uninstall.  From there, I'd recommend looking for this entry in your Start menu's startup folder or simply uninstalling that app then reinstalling.

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                johnl6849 Level 1

                I did uninstall it… is it a necessary program to have? It relates to my Adobe Photoshop & Zinio reader… If I reinstall it how do I remove it from my startup? Thanks!

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  Hard for me to tell how important it was, I'm not sure what the application was   However, it really comes down to if you used it or not.  If not, then I'd look at your "startup" section of the msconfig to see if it's something you can uncheck.  Here's a tutorial that shows you how to use this utility:



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                    johnl6849 Level 1

                    Thanks! I’ll try it and see where it leads….

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                      Thanks, chris.campbell.

                      You directed to the right direction - to turn off automatic startup of programs that might be in conflict with AIR as computer boots.

                      I just added one more step to what you advised.


                      My uninstall process (windows 7) of adobe air does NOT provide me with a dialogue with list of all programs that rely on AIR.

                      So I have found a way to obtain a "startup program list" by doing the following.


                      To find out what programs are running at the startup (WINDOWS 7):

                           Click "Start"

                           type "msconfig" in the search engine at the bottom

                           click on "msconfig" icon appearing on top

                           a pop-up window titled "System Configuration" will appear

                           Click on "Startup" tab

                           At this point, I unclicked unnecessary programs that are not crucial in operating my computer.

                           Click "apply" or "Ok"

                           another pop-up window will ask you if you want to restart your computer.


                      After I turned off some startup programs, the error message disappeared on subsequent computer reboots - in other words, forever GONE.

                      I am not sure if I solved the "conflict' but certainly got rid of the annoying error message by turning off some "unnecessary" software that was automatically set to start as the computer booted.