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    Problems logging in to AMS on Amazon web services


      Hi All


      We've recently put an AMS server running CentOS together using the AMI # ami-ee7259ab for the US West region.


      We're not able to log in to this machine.


      We've put the following entry into ams.ini :




      We have the following entry in users.xml

      <User name="${SERVER.ADMIN_USERNAME}">

                  <Allow>our hostname hhere</Allow>


                  <Order>Allow,Deny</Order>            <Password>d8f2d3ff51084c748a07cd516bd7fd704c55a90e07f700f92a4e474d9b512db5ed83da4bdf61b50 f</Password>



      The password hash in the above XML was successfully generated using the command

      ./amsadmin -console -user admin


      and we stopped the service before changing the password, then started it again.


      We've even opened 1111 up to the world, and specified SERVER.ADMINSERVER_HOSTPORT = :1111 in ams.ini.


      I still cannot log in. Does anyone have any ideas what we've missed?


      Many thanks!