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    Are links to pages within a PDF file absolute or relative?


      If I have a main PDF I combine with a bunch of "exhibit" PDFs into a single PDF with links from the main text to the "exhibits", but decide later to add or delete pages, are the pathways broken?  For example, if I have a 100-page document with a link on page 9 that jumps to an exhibit on page 62, and then I decide to add another page just after page 9, does Acrobat automatically update the link to reflect it should now jump to page 63?


      If not and the pathway is broken (i.e., still goes to page 62 even though it is the wrong exhibit), is there a good method for creating a PDF where the main text has links to exhibits and pages can be added or deleted anywhere and the links will be automatically updated?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!