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    Histogram Shadow Clipping Indicator - What do the colours indicate?

    Andrew_Hart Level 2

      To see what colours in the shadows are clipping to zero, and exactly where they occur in your image, you can hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key and move the Blacks slider to the left (in ACR 7.x and 8.x).


      To quote from the top of page 206 of Jeff Schewe's and Bruce Fraser's 'Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS5' (which deals with ACR 6.x - but AFAIAA nothing has changed in ACR 7.x or 8.x), you interpret the displayed result as follows:


      "Unclipped pixels display as white. The other colors show you which channels are being clipped to level 0. Cyan pixels indicate red-channel clipping; magenta pixels indicate green-channel clipping; yellow pixels indicate blue-channel clipping. Red pixels indicate clipping in both green and blue channels; green pixels indicate clipping in red and blue channels; and blue pixels indicate clipping in red and green channels. Black pixels indicate that all three channels are clipped."


      Does the same result hold true for the colour of the Histogram Shadow Clipping Indicator?