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    WebService SOAP MultiPort


      I have the following problem:
      How to realize a SOAP multi-ports / multi-services client that load the least data possible?
      Currently, to connect to 2 different ports, I created 2 WebService objects, but the problem is that the WSDL is loaded twice.

      Later, we'll have 2 services of 5 ports, and therefore the wsdl will be loaded 10 times.

      Where is the advantage of the SOAP if we have to load the WSDL 10 times ...

      Is there a solution to avoid reloading it?

      Thanks in advance

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          The WSDL URL should be cached by the browser, but can you log an enhancement
          request for <mx:WebService> to have it be able to parse and cache all ports
          and services once to avoid this step being redone? The second part of the
          enhancement will require the setters for the port and service properties
          to make the correct set of operations available (and to clear any cached
          operations for the old service / port).