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    Problem  laptop battery - Windows 8

    Layla Sophie



      First, I want to thank all the people who take the time to help others on various issues, which have a real active community.


      I am contacting you because less than a month, I have a problem with a computer toshiba PA3536U-1BRS I recently acquired ( 9 NOV. 2013 ) .


      This computer came with a version of Windows 7 but I decided to put

      Update and install 64 bit windows 8 professional. The installation went smoothly

      no problem.


      However, after the installation , I see a problem with the battery. In fact,

      it does not last more than 6H, with a very easy to use and by mode

      the lowest management, namely Power4Gear battery saving . ( I want to say that I set it power to be the most efficient possible, for example by putting a CPU usage to a maximum of 40%). I said that my wife has the same computer ( windows 7 ) and easily get to have 9 hours of battery, which is close to 10h announced.


      On utilities installed , I took the majority of utilities and drivers suitable for

      Windows 8, available on the official website at the following address:


      I also updated the BIOS and I passed under the 203 release.


      Here are the technical specifications of this computer Fnac : http://en.ofweek.com/manufacturer/laptop-battery


      I confess to being a little disappointed that the battery life is too low ... I think it comes from Windows 8.


      That is why I ask you whether you eventually encountered the same problem or if you had any solutions , while avoiding board under Windows 7 in a first ...


      Thank you in advance for your help ..