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    does Internet Explorer take over cursor control ?

    Alibented Level 1

      Hi all,


      Is it possible that Internet Explorer takes over control of the settings of the cursor in Shockwave dcr files ?

      Since a couple of months I have realized that the cursor in my dcr movies does not change anymore from the default pointer despite being instructed using lingo commands.

      For example:
         on startMovie me
            cursor 280


      should change the cursor into a finger, but it does not.


      I have also tried hiding the cursor (cursor 200) and using my own custom made custom but the default pointer refuses to disappear.


      When using Google Chrome all works well.
      Hower, this is not a proper solution since I cannot control the users choice using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.



      I would expect a lot of screams from all over the world but the lack of that makes me think there maybe a simple way to avoid this.


      Any comments are very much appriciated.