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    Best network option


      Following several posts in different catagories which all had no response, solution, hint or suggestion, and apple support sending me an unofficial fix which failed, i have given up on my NAS network drive being able to work with newer OSX's... as i have work to do i cannot manage properly without a shared drive of some kind.


      my question is what would you advise i buy? if a NAS is not supported by newer OSX's?


      we use PCs and macs both in the office, we have some oler macs also with OSX 10.4, one with 10.5, and the new one with Mavericks (we will gradually be upgrading the other macs in time)


      I use adobe Photoshop and Indesign among others, and Apple's Aperture to manage photos,


      i would like to be able to share files easily, and work off the drive directly also.

      One issue we always had with the nas drive, is editing JPG's was fine, but we could not open and edit InDesign .indd files, these would crash indesign and leave the file corrupt and unfixable.


      Any help appreciated...

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have you considered using a Dropbox folder?

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            millgaet Level 1

            Ok, i know what drop box is i think, its an app for sharing photos etc, but can you explain how i would be able to utilise this as a network drive for masses of photos and other media files? would the speed be good enough, and is it safe? i had the impression this was a cloud type storage thing, which id imagine would rely on internet speeds?


            Also i had dropbox on my old mac pro with osx 10.4 after somone sent me a photo using it and i had to install it to ge tthe photo, and it added itself to my start up and ended up causing major problems with my mac which almost resulted in me losing an antire aperture library of thousands of photos, so im a little wary of it if im honest,