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    Custom Camera Profile Disables External Editing?

    Ron Shankland

      I'm using Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS5.  The problem is that if I apply a custom camera color profile created by X-Rite Passport Color Checker, I can no longer use an external editor, such as Photoshop, to edit my photos.  Before I apply the custom profile, the external editor function works just fine.  If I apply a custom profile in the Camera Calibration panel, then the ability to use external editors no longer works.  There is no error message, but nothing happens when I try to edit in an external editor.  If I go back and turn off the custom profile and go back to Adobe Standard, then the external editor function works again.  What is going on?  Is there a way to make it possible to apply a custom profile in Camera Calibration and still be able to use the external editors?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This may or may not have anything to do with what you’re seeing, but are you using Edit in Photoshop, Render with Lightroom Adjustments, that creates a TIF or PSD on the way into PS, or are you using the Edit in Photoshop, Open Anyway option? 


          If you don’t know, then reset your warning dialogs in LR Preferences and try another Edit In PS.  You need to be using Edit in PS with LR Adjustments option.  You also might want to review your External Editor preferences in LR. 


          Finally, maybe resetting your preferences by deleting or renaming the LR preferences file might help with unexplained issues.   The location of the preferences file can be found, here:  http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroom-41.html


          If you haven’t, you may also want to try the LR 5.3 RC (public beta) at http://labs.adobe.com/ in case it is something that they have changed.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            You should be getting a warning dialog since Lightroom 5 and PS CS5 have different versions of Adobe Camera Raw. Are you choosing "Render using Lightroom" or "Open anyway" ?. 

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              Ron Shankland Level 1

              Hi ssprengel and DdeGannes:  Thanks for taking a look at my post and taking part in the discussion.  To answer both of your questions -- I am not getting a warning dialogue at all when the problem is occurring.  When I change the Camera Calibration back to Adobe Standard, then I do get the standard dialogue and I normally select "Open Anyway" and things seem to work just fine.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Reset your warning dialogs in LR preferences—it is a button, somewhere—I am not at my LR computer at the moment.


                Then you should be choosing Render with LR Adjustments or whatever the phrase is, so that LR does all the work of converting the file.  I’d use Pro PhotoRGB and 16-bit as your TIF or PSD preferences.


                I’m not surprised that Open Anyway doesn’t work, since it is an obsolete version of ACR that you’re using, and maybe it doesn’t understand the parameters being passed to it by the new LR.

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                  Ron Shankland Level 1

                  "Reset All Warning Dialogs" is greyed out on my Lightroom.  (It's under Preferences > General > Prompts.)


                  I'll take your advice to choose "Render with Lightroom" in the future.  I do use ProPhoto RGB, 16-bit,  and TIFF in my external editor prefernces.  Resolution is set to 300 and Compression is set to None.


                  Not sure what you mean by "obsolete version of ACR".  I believe I've kept both Lightroom and Photoshop as up-to-date as possible. 

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The two current versions of Photoshop are PS-CS6 and PS-CC, and each can be updated to ACR 8.x which is compatible with LR 5.x.


                    Your first message said you’re using PS-CS5, which can only be updated to ACR 6.x and was only compatible with LR 3.x.   You’ve updated LR 2 major versions, but not PS.


                    You wouldn’t get the prompt to Open Anyway or Render using LR Adjustments, if your ACR was in sync with your LR.


                    If the Reset Warning Dialogs button is grayed out that means there are no warnings that you’ve answered “Don’t Show Again” to so there’s nothing to reset.

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                      richardplondon Level 4

                      A suggestion: it sometimes happens that the main "edit in PS" function gets.. a bit confused. I agree with the other posters that it's critical which program is to render your image to an editable state (ACR, or LR)... which also means, whether PS is going to simply open up an already-saved file from disk, or be passed instructions to have ACR make it an unsaved image in memory.


                      Perhaps there is some issue with ACR seeing the folder where Passport is saving its special camera colour profiles via LR - the more standard ones are located in a structure shared by both programs, the same as with lens profiles. This will only be a difficulty, if it is ACR which is trying to do the job of rendering the image.


                      Just to clarify: normally when we say LR version such-and-such is compatible with ACR version such-and-such, we are assuming that the latest available Process Version is being used within Lightroom. For any individual image which happens to be set to an earlier Process Version, the compatibility with ACR operates, as if an earlier version of LR was being used. So (for example) one image using PV 2012 would get necessarily rendered by LR when you selected "Edit in PS" with PS CS5, because that is known not to support PV2012. But another image using PV2010 might get sent directly to CS5's ACR within the same setup (provided not earlier than 6.7), without giving the option, since that version of ACR IS known to support that generation of image adjustments.


                      To troubleshoot whether external editing is or is not possible, it can be helpful to set up Photoshop manually as a LR external editing preset (I find this useful anyway). This is done within the lower, "additional" part of the External editing tab in LR Preferences. By browsing direct to the Photoshop executable, you can specify whether 32-bit or 64-bit, also set up the bitdepth and colourspace, and explicity name that. When this name is then selected against an image from the "Edit in..." context menu, it is definitely Lightroom that renders the image - you can be sure that ACR is not involved.


                      If Lightroom cannot render an image under such an external editing preset, save it to disk / add a new imported image version, and have PS open that, when a {Passport profile is selected - but those things can happen when (say) Adobe Standard is selected, then AFAICT that narrows down on LR's ability to use the profile which Passport has made. I'd still have expected some kind of a warning message.


                      Even if PS was for some reason unable to open the image, but LR had definitely been the one told to render it - I would not expect to have "nothing" happen. I would expect to see a new image version in LR stacked with the original - named (by default) either [Imagename]-edit.tiff or [imagename]-edit.psd - which looked exactly the same as the current LR edits, only hard-rendered into a flat pixel file.


                      regards, RP

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                        Ron Shankland Level 1

                        Richard:  Thank you for your suggestions and detailed explanations; they are exceedingly helpful.  I will pay attention to the settings and versions that you discussed, and will also look into upgrading my Photoshop as ssprengel recommended above.


                        Bit of an update:  I tried going to "reset" and tried "zeroing" the problem image files, but neither of those attempts worked--I still couldn't open the file in an external editor.  Then I went back and re-imported the original RAW file from the camera's memory card (Canon CR2), converting to DNG along the way, and the new file worked just fine.


                        This forum is a great problem-solving tool using the shared knowledge and experience of all the members of the community.  Thanks to everyone for your help. 


                        ~ Ron

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                          richardplondon Level 4

                          There is no great practical difficulty in using CS5, with LR5.


                          The options to edit multiple images as layers, or Photomerge, or HDR, or as Smart Object - are not there. And of course, you don't get to use the very newest PS editing features.


                          But for retouching (etc) a single image, as a supplement to LR, it works perfectly fine IMO.


                          (At least, it normally does... the original Camera Calibration profile question in this discussion, remains unexplained.)


                          I am in the same position as you currently, with CS5 and LR5.


                          That qualifies for a discounted bundle of PS and LR under the CC subscription scheme - about $10 per month to run the latest version of both. This bundle covers future upgrades of both products, for as long as one continues the payments, which works out as quite good value IMO compared with upgrading two products conventionally (if that was still possible).


                          If in the future one wanted to stop the CC payments. one could revert to the same LR5 and CS5 perpetual licenses. Or if this happens after going to LR6, one could (if things remain as now) still pay to upgrade the LR5 perpetual license to LR6, and use that along with CS5. Or one could get back onto CC subscription at any time, without a big up-front cost.


                          regards, RP