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    Flash 11.9.900.152 vis GPO and IE11


      We deployed Flash 11.9.900.152 yesterday morning via GPO (The same method we have been using for years) and we noticed this morning that if you are running IE11 it is not properly installing the browser add on and the only way to fix it is to do a manual install of the Flash.


      The same GPO object installs Flash 11.9.900.152 on machines still running IE10 just fine.


      We only have about 20 machiens at this point running IE11 but we are curious if this is a bug in the installer or if we need to change the way we deploy for IE11.


      Has anyone else seen this?

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          I am having the same problem.

          I cannot get it to work, even with the manual install.

          The Manage Add-Ons screen shows:



          I tried uninstalling everything & installing a previous version (11.7.700.252) with the same result.

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            Guys, this last version of flash player plug in and the activex has something wrong,


            or at least it is with IE11,


            the very first thing happend right after I upgraded to IE11 is that youtube page freezes and that message that appears at the top in red saying that i dont have the adobe flash player!!!!!!!


            It was installed correctly and i can see it there in the add/remove programs, and I even tried to uninstall it and it worked!!!


            One more thing, the add on does not appear in the ADD Ons list in the IE11,


            I am on windows 7 ultimate 64bit,


            please have this fixed, its really disturbing, I have tried almost every thing and I cant get passed this yet, I tried removing the player, rebooting, reinstalling,


            It is just this last version of the player and IE11.

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              Info-Nut Level 1

              To add to my previous post.

              The problem is selective. Customized versions seem to work OK:

                   on CNBC, for example, all the videos play OK.

                   I can't capture the properties screen but it references:

                        CNBC Video Player v2.5.9h and also shows the FlashPlayer "Settings" and "Global Settings" options & About Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.152

                   Bloomberg videos also play OK. As did YouTube.


              The problem appears in Yahoo Finance with the message that I need to install the player:


              Yahoo Example-1.JPG

              The source code for the Yahoo videos pages references:

                   yepConfig.expType = "embed_video";

              Can't find anything similar on the sites that work OK.


              That is about the limit of my 'code-level' knowledge.

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                JGamblin Level 1

                I am seeing a lot of people saying they have this problem and it would be nice if an Adobe employee could chime in on this thread and let us know if they are seeing these problems with IE11 more wide spread and if they are working on a fix.    

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                  ksssg Level 1

                  Okay, this is my second post on here,


                  From last night till today, the only thing that I did was to just shutdown my PC and I left it that way over night.


                  Now and am sure its gonna sound stupid to most of you, but nothing is wrong now!, every thing is working just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  Also to add here that I touched nothing, I thought my windows updated itself soon I started my PC up coz I left it running for about an hour, so I went and checked it out, and found out that the last update was on 12 november,


                  It was the day that I downloaded and installed 15 different updates from Microsoft through its built-in update,


                  So I dont think it was an IE problem! but thats just me and its what I think. And I also dont think its an Adobe flash problem because I visited couple more other websites at the time when youtube.com was giving me problems and they worked just fine while youtube.com did not.


                  The only website that made me mad was youtube.com, so it is really my fault that I came here running accusing adobe for a bad release.


                  So its either that specific website or that I had to restart!!! But for some reason, I think I might have restarted couple of times last night before I put my pc to sleep and go to bed, I mean Im the kind that would literally try every thing before I go and ask for help!!


                  I think its the website and not IE neither the Flash Player. The strange thing is that I have never faced any problems with youtube.com before!!! Maybe that what made me come here!.


                  Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

                  IE11 11.0.9600.16428 up to date

                  Adobe flash Plugin 11.9.900.152 up to date

                  Adobe flash Activx 11.9.900.152 up to date

                  Adobe Shockwave player up to date

                  Adobe AIR up to date

                  KIS 2014 up to date

                  AMD Radeon HD7970 Driver V.13.9 up to date