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    FMV recording in "segments"

    SISk12 Level 1
      I just want to capture a 30-45 second clip, scrolling down through the browser. Currently, no the matter what options I choose, I keep getting 10+ additional slides with 2.9 seconds "snippets" of the whole thing. How can I get this to be one 30 second capture??


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jeremy

          If you are using Captivate 3, you might try pressing the F9 key to begin a full motion clip. Press F10 when you are ready to stop recording.

          (This works also in version 1 or 2, but Full Motion recordings are improved in 3)

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hey Rick!

            I have tried this, and have had the same results.

            Other things I have tried:
            setting teh recording for full motion recording vs recording mode
            increasing and decreasing FPS settings
            increasing defualt slide duration (3.0secs?) to 30 seconds

            The system I am using should not be an issue, but on the off chance it is, I have also tried:
            Increasing my page file, although it is currently at 3GB
            disabling/renabling hardware accleration
            resolution settings for the desktop
            single monitor display vs dual monitor display.

            I am running captivate on two 20" screen at 3360x1050
            Dell Precision 390
            Intel Quad 2.6Ghz
            dual Raptor 15K hard drives in RAID
            4gb ram
            QuadroFX3450 Graphics.

            Got this machine specifically to handle captivate + other video authoring tools we have, so I hope it's not a system issue.


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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Jeremy,
              Do you have any other app running that might be fighting for control of the [F9] key? I just wonder what would happen if you choose another keyboard shortcut for [F9]?

              My system is the crippled great-grandfather of yours, but it has no issues with a (forced) 40 - 50 second full motion clip, whether as a part of a normal Demo mode movie, or as a full-motion movie in itself..

              I have no experience at all with the quad processor - 64 bit, I assume? - but that might be the next thing I would look at. All the best ...
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                Hello CatBandit,

                Thank you for the response. I will try to map a different key set to the start/stop options.
                To answer your question: I thought that it may be an issue having other apps running (it was a big issue with my old Inspiron notebook), so I typically record with no other apps running except Internet explorer (our application that I do the trainings for, is web based).

                Yes the quad-core is 64bit, but I am running 32-bit XP Pro (not vista yet..) I will try setting the affinity for this instance of captivate to a single core, maybe that will do something? Will post back with the results.

                Thanks again for the help Rick, and Cat :)

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                  Well I tried setting teh affinity for captivate to each of my cpus and it didn't rectify the issue.. I also tried re-mapping my record start/stop keys to "v" and "b" respectively... That's didn't do it either. I went ahead and used Camtasia Studio to record the clip I need and published it as a legacy swf file. I inserted that file into a blank slide and it is working fine so far. I would have sat here and continued to try to problem solve this, but I really need to finish up the rest of this project today/tonight so I'm on a bit of a time crunch to get the material at the moment.. I'm tempted to try this on a blank project, as that is the one thing I don't think I have tried yet.

                  I also forgot to mention, that even though the program is breaking the entire FMV into these 2.9 second clips, if you preview the project or publish and view it, it looks fine.. I don't "lose" anything I recorded..


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                    CatBandit Level 3
                    Good problem solving, Jeremy. I wish I had been more help, but I fear the underlying problem might be some incompatibility between the software and your state of the art hardware. Best of luck with the deadline, and now I guess I had better get on - to my own.