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    Placing a grapic


      How do I place a graphic without it appearing pixelated? The graphic is a jpg created from illustrator.

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          Ellis home Level 4

          If you have the ai. file place that instead. Make sure you have View/Display Performance/High Quality Display.

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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            Is display performance is setting to high quality display from view menu?

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              CMK Level 1

              It wasn't set at high so I did that and it helped but the edges are still not clean. I'll ask for the ai file and see if that helps. Should I make sure the resolution is set at 300dpi, or doesn't it matter with an illustrator file?

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                Salah Fadlabi Level 5

                Is the file created in illustrator then covert to jpeg, if the resolution is 300 dpi it's enough. But if you have the illustrator file it's best because illustrator is a vector file unlike images it's raster.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



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                  The resolution at which the jpeg is saved from AI is not important, except in how it relates to the size you are using the file (and the level of detail in the image). What counts is the "effective" resolution, which is the resloution at which it was saved divide by the scaling factor, so if yo have a 300 ppi image, but you scale it up 3 times, the effective resolution is only 100 ppi and it will look pixelated in print. The converse is also true, an image saved at 100 ppi, but scled to 1/3 size has an effective resolution of 300 ppi.


                  Native Illustrator vector files have no resolution except for linked/embedded raster content, some effects, and grasients and meshes.

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                    CMK Level 1

                    Thanks. I'll get the file in ai and see if it works better.

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                      CMK Level 1

                      Thanks for the detail, Peter. I like knowing the detail, not just how to make work.