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    Hot to put an image to the bottom?


      Hi to all.


      Sorry if myy english is bad, a am a spanish speaker.


      I am testing a website in adobe edge. It so cool at first impressions, but when you are trying to do real things on it, it seems comlicated.


      Ia have this test website:



      As you can see, i have a star at the top, and another stars at the bottom.


      That star at the top is working correctly: it fits in the extrem top, and resize proportionally whe the broser does.


      But i have problems with the bottom stars. It resize properly when i resize the browser, but doesnt keep the bottom of the window.


      Have tried so many thing: puttting into a symbol, into a div, as a simple img but nothing works.


      How this stars keep at the bottom when im resizen the window?


      Thank you a lot.