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    Photoshop CC 32Bit Script with Dialogs.

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

      I'm Having a problem with Photoshop CC trial 32bit version with scripts that have dialogs not work with my install. All fail the same way. trying to create a new window object. Here is what I get. First Automate Photomerge, second Script Export Layers to Files, Third one of may scripts. Photoshop CC 64 bit has no problem.



      Turned out to be a Preference file MachinePrefs.psp which worked in Photoshop CC 64bit cause CC32bit scripts dialogs not to work go figure. It may have to do with OpenCL support. In CC64bit I used Advance GPU setting and checked it. 32Bit  CC I can not check it with mt setup nvidia quadro 4000.>