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    Pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop doesn't maintain aspect ratio


      I have vector artwork that is not aligned to a pixel grid in Illustrator. In CS5, I would be able to paste the vector object as a smart object into Photoshop file that was larger than the illustrator image and resize larger while holding shift to keep the ratio the same.


      However with Creative Cloud, if I have a square in Illustrator that happens to be 17.3px by 17.3, then paste to Photoshop in a file that has a larger canvas than the paste, I get uneven horizontal and vertical ratios (width = 18; height = 17). It seems to overestimate the width and make it appear fatter horizontally (which is the wrong aspect ratio). This is very noticeable when vector objects (like perfect circles and small icons) get scaled up in Photoshop.


      I have tried unchecking and checking "Snap Vector Tools and transforms to Pixel Grid" but this doesn't seem to fix it.



      The only way I've been able to get this ratio to be kept is to create a new document with the size automatically changed to clipboard dimensions (which are the desired 17x17). When you paste as smart object, it now uses the correct aspect ratio.