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    Playhead Location Differs with Proxy Turned Off


      I'm working in CS6 v11.0.2.  Mac Pro, OSX 10.8.4


      I have a rather long time lapse sequence for which I made a proxy of the original raw sequence.  Fine, I can scrub and marked certain locations of the footage as needed.  RAM previews were rendered just fine.  However when I rendered out to 422 HQ, everything was off...  As well as my keframed change of Position (a tilt from top to bottom)  Files were captured on a MK2


      As I toggle the Proxy off, the frame changes, but Playhead stays in the same position.  I made sure the footage was intrepted at 23.976 as is the Comp.  It's almost as if there was a speed change.  Somehow things are out of alignment!


      I appreciate the help!


      P.S.  Somehow I'm not able to render only my Work Area, the entire comp renders at 422HQ (13 hours)  MP turned on...