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    Opera support

      The Flex-Ajax Bridge project page claims to support Opera 9:

      The FABridge library is currently in a beta state. It has been tested on Mozilla Firefox 2 (Windows and Linux), Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9, and Apple Safari 2.0.4.

      However the Flax-AJAX Bridge Example doesn't seem to work on Opera.

      Tested with Opera 9.50 Beta 1 on Xubuntu Linux with Flash Player 9,0,115,0.

      The Flash Player plugin works fine and the example flash application is loaded - only the Flash-JavaScript communication fails.

      Testing on a local installation it seems as if on Opera the method FABridge.flash.create() always returns 'undefined' instead of a valid JavaScript object (e.g. when calling FABridge.flash.create('flash.net.XMLSocket'); ).

      Is Opera 9 really supported? Or does it only work on Opera for Windows?