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    Letter of Recommendation?

    Fermilab SIST

      Our application requires two or more letters of recommendation.  This reference letter is, of course, private--the applicant cannot know the contents of it.  How can we implement this in the FormsCentral universe?

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator



            It looks like you will need to create and distribute two forms. One form (form1) for your applicants and the other one (form2) for people writing the letters of recommendation.

          You may want to include the URL to form2 in form1 and your applicants will have to provide this form2-URL to people whom they are requesting recommendation.

          In form2 you may want to request the name of the person writing the recommendation, for whom they are writing the recommedation...etc, and a multiple-attachments field.


          Once you get the responses from the two forms you will have to correlate/merge/track the responses manually (that is, matching applicants and letter of recommendations). 


          Hope this helps,


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            Fermilab SIST Level 1

            It would be nice if there was some way built into the product to connect these forms.  It is conceptually easy enough if one thinks in terms of database schema:  The "recommenders" table has an cross index entry into the "applicant" table.  Then one would "join" these two tables for the analysis.


            It is hard to imagine that I am the first person to think of this.


            Thanks, Lucia.  The way you described is adequate.  However, I may build a MySQL table of the results in order to do this Join (unless Adobe comes up with a more general solution, of course).