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    Blu-ray build: no video (solid red, green, etc image)


      Hey everyone,


      If this problem has already been addressed, could someone please point me in the right direction? I searched and didn't find anything similar, but wasn't too sure what to search for.


      My problem: Everytime I build a blu-ray project in Encore, I am getting the same result; the video will play (according to the progress bar on the player), but the image is always a solid color, sometimes it's red, green, tan, black, apparently just random, but always the same color throughout the entire video.


      I have tried so many different things at this point, I'm at a loss for how to proceed further. I've tried this with at least three different projects, all of which were created in Premiere. I have attempted both the dynamic link from Premiere to Encore and exporting the video first and importing into Encore later. I have tried transcoding as .264 and MPEG2 (I am not very knowledgeable about the settings, so I use the defaults). I have tried building the project in Encore as a blu-ray folder and as an ISO. I have burned to discs and played just the digital files on my PC.


      The video always plays fine up until after it is exported from Encore (that is, it previews fine in Premiere, exported video from Premiere plays fine in players like VLC, and the video previews fine in Encore).And I have no trouble building DVDs in Encore with the same video, timeline, and all that jazz.


      The only thing I haven't done yet is gone to the trouble of trying to reinstall Encore, which will be my next step if noone here has any suggestions. I am running CS6 with all recent updates. I have been testing the blu-ray playback in PowerDVD and a PS3.


      Like I mentioned above, I'm not very proficient in video. If I left out important details, just let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!