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    "place" window is wonky.


      I recently started working in indesign cs6 on my mac.  I have been working in 5 for a long time so this was a well deserved upgrade for me.


      I am having an issue when I am placing an image or opening a file. 


      When I chose to place an image an the "place" window opens it is defaulting to sort by date in an extremely large column with file name in a small column that is only displaying about 4 characters.  I have tried to go through preferences and I can't find anything to solve the problem.


      This problem is only happening in this program and not anywhere else in my system.


      This is a nightmare when each time I want to place an image I have to click then stretch a column.  Although it is easy to fix it is so annoying.


      Has anyone had this problem?  Help?!  I am attaching a screenshot of how the window appears.

      Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 5.23.24 PM.png