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    Feedback Form

      Hi all,

      I have built a feedack form in Flex 2, but I am completely confused as to how I get it to send the infomation the user enters. I used to use a PH script and was hoping I could reference that in Flex 2, but I really dont understand how to do this.

      A search on Google throws up nothing. Is it really this hard to get a form to send information to the server in Flex 2?

      Please someone help me out and prove to me that Flex is in fact flexible.

      Many thanks,
      Colin (slightly disillusioned) :-)
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          atta707 Level 2
          Let's say your PH script was at http://localhost/test.ph

          in your Flex code you'll use HttpService class and set it's url property to above url, store all your parameter to an object:

          var o:Object = new Object();
          o.id = 1;

          and then on some user action you call the send() method of the HttpService class:


          Then you can listen for result event of the same class to receive the response from the server.

          Please see the docs for more info on HttpService class

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            cols2910 Level 1

            Very many thanks indeed. I get exactly what you are saying and I will have a look into the HTTPService class

            Many thanks again