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    Download WARNING


      Windows 7 Internet Explorer – I seem to have A version of Flash running but not the most recent. I tried to download flash awhile ago and got the message from McAffe that the file may be harmful to my computer. Within 24 hours I had issues and had to contact McAffe. Because I went ahead with download anyways I had to pay McAffe to fix the issue. When trying to solve the issue they asked if I had downloaded anything from a list of sites and one was Adobe. They fixed the issue, but now I need to update flash for something else and I am getting the same warning. Don’t want to ignore it this time in fear of having to pay to fix a possible issue. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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          Mike M Level 6

          First of all, McAffee is a (limited) partner with Adobe in that they participate in a "per click" imbursement program for Flash Player downloads, so for them to tell you that Adobe is a source of malware is a conflict of interest to say the least, and an outright falsehood to be blunt. Adobe is not, and never has been, in the business of distributing harmful software. If they were, it's not possible that McAffee would add their own software to downloads from here.


          That said, there are thousands (literally) of websites that offer (illegally) Adobe logo'd "fake" updates, which DO contain adware, spyware and outright viruses. It's possible that McAffee support believed they were referring to a legtitmate Adobe Flash Player when what they were seeing was a "fake".


          There are direct sources for Flash Player downloads:

          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

          Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)

          I use them myself on six Windows machines I have, because I don't "auto update" anything, including Windows. Bookmark those, because when the versions change, the links do not. Use them to update your current vesrions and McAffee shouldn't "flag" anything with either of them. If you DO see a warning, DISABLE McAffee until you've successfully downloaded and installed the new Flash Player Plugin(s), and THEN re-enable it.

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            NoleDad Level 1

            Thanks. I have been a user of Adobe for many years now and this was the first issue I have ever had.I could of swore I went to adobe,com but maybe it was a dummie site. Will try again from links provided and see what happens.

            thanks again


            Just now tried link and still get a Big flashing banner from McAffe saying could harm computer. will disable and see what happens