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    Reinstalling Flash after uninstall - Windows 8.1 Pro


      I was experiencing issues with some websites' flash content; one site had no volume, others wouldn't load the videos at all, etc.  Believing I had to uninstall and reinstall FP, I followed the steps on the following url:



      The above url needs to have a huge warning right at the top, "NOT FOR WINDOWS 8/8.1"

      After running the provided uninstall tool, and deleting the files specified, reinstalling FP proved impossible. 


      Trying to reinstall in IE10 inevitably redirects me to:


      where I'm simultaneously told I don't need to install FP because it's embedded in IE in Windows 8, and that I'm not using IE in windows 8.


      I've run through all the pre-packaged troubleshooting. 

      1. In Tools>Manage Add-Ons, Shockwave Flash Object is present and "Enabled".
      2. I've verified that ActiveX Filtering is not checked.
      3. Windows will not allow me to update IE to get latest version, providing me with an error message that the update is already installed.

      Other pages that were unhelpful due to not applying to my issue, or the provided tools don't work:



      I've also tried a couple of the full package downloads provided in other discussions in this forum.  I get an installation error:  "Your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser includes the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player built-in.  Windows Update will inform you when new versions of teh Flash Player are available."


      I see others have had similar issues in the past, and that Windows Update fixed the issue when a FP update became available.  I don't want to wait for that to happen.  There must be some way to actively install FP in Windows 8.1.