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    Exporting to PDF with Vector/Transparency issues? (huge file)


      Hi folks


      I have a 36 page magazine in Indesign which has a lot of illustrator images placed in, some of which have transparency applied.  The images are xmas icons and there are 10 or so on each illustrator file so there are only 3/4 illustrator files placed but they are done many times over within the Indesign file.


      When I export to PDF the file size is huge.  154mb.  I am sure it is to do with the vectors/transparency, but dont know how to correct this to bring the PDF file size down.  Any ideas?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Vectors don't compress, and I'm not sure that you aren't actually making the file larger by using a crop in ID to select the image you want. Breaking the files apart, or at the very least putting each image on a separate artboard in Illustrator may help.


          And what's the intended purpose? 154 MB is large, but overly so for a print file.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            To echo Peter's response, 154 MB for a 36 page magazine is not necessarily all that large, especially if the content is graphically rich.


            There is some information you are not providing us. For example, how are you bringing in the Illustrator artwork? And with what settings are you exporting PDF?


            In the first case, the most efficient way to bring Illustrator content into InDesign is to save the Illustrator artwork as PDF/X-4 and place the resultant file into InDesign. InDesign is more likely to reuse the content for PDF export if the content is placed in that manner.


            In the second case, content with transparency can yield very bloated PDF if you export PDF with flattened transparency such as you would get with the PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 export settings from InDesign (or for the Illustrator-based imported content, PDF saved from Illustrator with such settings). Again, we recommend PDF/X-4 for PDF export maintaining live transparency and original color spaces with ICC profiles and avoiding the bloat caused by transparency flattening and conversion of RGB to CMYK.


                      - Dov