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    adobe premiere elements 11 - how to do cross dissolve on quick successive cuts?


      Hi All,


      I have searched high and low and still haven't figured out how to do the following :  I'm editing a single .dv source file of a talk, and need to edit out word stumbles. In one case there are 2 quick edits within a half second. For example, if the original is:


      I took a journey,  i mean a trip, with Mary before, i mean after the baby was born.


      it will end up


      I took a [snip] trip with Mary [snip] after the baby was born.


      I would like a smooth cross dissolve across both edits, but I have not been able to get it to look good. Since cross dissolve needs extra frames (butt cuts don't do anything) to dissolve to, and since the clips are so close together, everything I've tried ends up looking funky.


      Thanks in advance for any help -