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    download ACR 7.1



      I use CS5 and have ACR 6.7 with a new camera i need ACR 7.1, have downloaded 7.1 and the converter, the converter works but can't get 7.1 in the right folder or place, please help?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You need CS6 to use ACR 7.1.  Delete this and install ACR 6.x or ACR will not work.


          Your options are to upgrade to CS6 and download ACR8.2 or download the free 8.2 DNG converter.


          If you are a heavy raw user many thing the new ACR version 2012 that started with CS6 is far superior.

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            desco Level 1

            Hi Curt y

            New camera fuji x PRO 1and when looked up needed ACR 7.1 so that is where i looked. yes i am a heavy ACR user. Had not thought about update to CS6 or never CC. If all as you say the the long haul via the converter looks the last hope.

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              desco Level 1



              Kept on looking, second thought elements 12 has the new ACR and cheaper than updating to CS6, any comment



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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You need ACR 7.1 in order to open your raw files natively. But 7.1 will not work with Photoshop CS5. So you need to use the latest DNG converter to create DNG copies. Those will be usable with ACR 6.7.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  PSE12 is cheaper because it is limited in functionality.  The ACR functions are limited to toning, sharpening and noise-reduction, mostly, and the PSE Editor has some layer functions but not nearly everything that PS does, so whether it’ll work depends on what you do in ACR and Photoshop.  You could download the trial from Adobe and see if it does what you want.


                  An alternative to updating to PS-CS6/CC is start using Lightroom, and then use Edit in Photoshop with LR Adjustments (using your old Photoshop) for photos that need more work.  If you want to try LR download the public beta from Adobe Labs:




                  It may give you 30-days or it may expire at the end of the year.


                  If you do use the DNG Converter with your Fuji files, make sure you set the compatibility option to ACR 6.x, and don’t leave it at the ACR 7.1 default, because the X-Trans conversion won’t work properly.

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                    Level 5

                    desco wrote:




                    Kept on looking, second thought elements 12 has the new ACR and cheaper than updating to CS6, any comment…


                    Just keep in mind that ACR in Ps Elements only offers a subset of the features and functionality than when hosted by the full Photoshop version in CS6.


                    You get what you pay for.


                    In my personal opinion, Ps Elements is overpriced by at least $65.