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    PC user not able to print interactive PDF

    SudiScott Level 1



      We have an interactive pdf that was created in Indesign CS6 on a Mac. OS X10.8.5. It prints fine on all our printers. But our PC users either get an error message that they need to choose a printer, printer not found, or it prints mostly blank pages.


      This is what one PC user told me... "If I indicate to print page 1 only.  It prints with no problem.  If I indicate, pages 1 through 5 or 2 through 5, I get a prompt that says unable to start print job, is printer available...and then a blank page comes out.  My printer is a HP Photosmart 8250."


      Something about the interactive PDF not working on a non-postscript printer?


      What's up, please help.....


      Thanks in advance.


      Sudi H Scott