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    Color Change Lag


      In Premiere Elements 3.0, whenever I try to change a color, the program lags, so it takes about half an hour only for the color editing screen to start up. Why could this be, and how can I solve it?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system are you running Premiere Elements 3.0 on? And, are you running the program as the 3.0.2 Update?



          How long have you been running this version without this type of problem? In other words, is this "it worked before for many years, but suddenly not now"?


          Please detail, the source media, project preset, and exactly what you used to change the color and to what specific clip or clips.


          Is your computer optimized (ccleaner) and have you cleaned up pile ups of preview files and conformed audio and video?


          Is your video card driver up to date according to the manufacturer of the video card?


          Are you saying that you have none of the problem that you describe ONLY if you do not change color of any of the clips as you have been?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.





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            Warlandwriter Level 1

            I installed the program as version 3.0, and haven't updated it, so I presume it's not 3.0.2


            Since I use this version (about 3 weeks now) this has been happening.


            I didn't change any project presets, so I suppose they're still on default settings. I encountered this problem when I tried to change the color of a text I added to the main menu. I clicked the colored square, and my computer got stuck. The mouse lagged about 10 seconds, and it took half an hour before the extra screen opened. After selecting the color I wanted I closed the screen again, which took another 10 minutes. After that the program ran like nothing happened. Also, doing anything else to the text wasn't a problem.

            Every text everywhere else so far has had this problem.


            I'm not really sure what you mean with the source media, if my computer is optimized, and if I have cleaned up pile ups of preview files and conformed audio and video. My computer is pretty new (about 5 months, I have it approximately 3 months now), intel core i5, 2.6GHz, 4 GB internal memory, and I have very few files on it yet, so I presume it has no pile ups of files.


            Like I said, my computer is pretty new, so I presume the video card will be up to date, or at least good enough.


            A similar problem occurs only when I try to export the video, because the opening of that screen takes 10 minutes, and the closing of the screen is quicker too.


            I hope this is enough information,



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              What is the operating system...Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or something else?


              When you install Premiere Elements 3, it is just that version 3. But after you install from the installation files or disc, then ou need to download and install the 3.0.2 Update. So, please double check on that point.



              Before you do that, see if the Premiere Elements opening screen says 3 or 3.0.2. Also look at Help Menu/About to see if there is any evidence for 3.0.2.


              What type of files are you importing into the projects? If video, what is the frame size, frame rate, file extension? Based on the properties of what you are importing (I am calling those source media), you set the project preset in the new project dialog to match whatever the properties are for the imported file. That directs the program to set the correct space in the Edit Mode monitor from which to edit.


              We can get at the properties of the files that you are importing two ways...

              a. from a MediaInfo properties readout

              b. from the brand/model/settings for the camera from which the video came (let us try this way first).


              I have not looked at version 3.0/3.0.2 in a long while, so if any of my feature locations are "off", please do not hestitate to let me know. The answers will be in the details, and we want to be in sync on them.


              Also, make sure that you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on the computer with Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.2.


              If you have any doubts about computer permissions, you can try right clicking the desktop icon for Premiere Elements and selecting Run As Administrator.


              Depending on how many projects you have done, you can get hit with pile ups of files that the program automatically generates when it does certain functions. If you render the Timeline by pressing the Enter key to get the best possible preview in the monitor playback, you can get pile ups of preview files on the hard drive...default location Documents/Adobe/Premiere Element/3.0/ and the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder. In that same location are conformed audio in the Media Cache Folder that can add up quickly.


              Looks to consider and check out.


              We will be watching for further developments. And, if you need clarification on anything that I have written, do not hesitate to ask.





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                Warlandwriter Level 1

                Hello ATR


                I'm using windows 8.1


                I just updated to version 3.0.2, although the program still says it's version 3.0 when starting up. When I tried changing a color now, it took 'only' 10 minutes for the screen to open, and the mouse lagged a lot less, about 3 seconds.


                To record the videos I'm using the Panasonic HC-V210, Recording Format is AVCHD, and Recording Mode is 1080/50p. The files it makes are .MTS files. Premiere Elements can't open them, so I opened the videos in windows movie maker, saved them as one long uncut video as .wmv, and then opened them in Premiere Elements.


                Except for the tutorial project, this is the first project I've done so far. I've used one video file, of approximately 30 minutes, 71 mp3 files, in total about 1 hour, and roughly 50 pictures, .jpg and .png.

                I think you can determine better if that is too much, but also in an untitled file with only a menu template this problem occurs.


                Thank you for your help,



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up and important factors that need to be ruled in or out of your workflow's issues.


                  First, the original AVCHD.mts (1920 x 1080 @ 50 progressive frames per second) and trying to use that with Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.1....AVCHD was not supported by Premiere Elements until Premiere Elements 7, so conversion of the AVCHD to another format would be indicated for the version that you have.


                  Regarding Windows Movie Maker conversion of the AVCHD to wmv which you used as your source media in your Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.1 project....what were the properties of the wmv

                  frame size

                  frame rate

                  pixel aspect ratio

                  display aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9

                  (you say the duration of the wmv is 30 minutes).


                  What was the project preset set for this Premiere Elements project into which you imported the .wmv file?


                  Next, you mention use of photos in this project, 50 jpg and png. What are the pixel dimensions of these still images?


                  The 71 mp3 files...what is the range of duration these files? There are some who would prefer .wav files but we will put those thoughts on hold since the other details need to be worked through first and seem to me be more appropriate for getting at the core of these specific performance issues.


                  And, computer resources are always important. Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.2 is a 32 bit application running in the 32 bit compatibity mode of a 64 bit system and as such has the limitation of 32 bit system...maximum supported installed RAM = 4 GB of which 3 GB or less of thjat are available. Free hard drive space needs to looked at especially with regard to Scratch Disks and what is being designated as the save location for them.


                  Right now let us focus on working through the above with emphasis on the properties of the .wmv file and the sizing for those 50 photos.


                  We will be watching for more details.


                  Thank you for considering the troubleshooting suggestions.