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    Custom Webhelp Skin a Problem in Firefox

      Custom webhelp skins created by RoboHelp 7 are problematic in Firefox.. The browser loads eternally, the Back and Forward buttons don't work. You can click around okay -- most of the time. Then when you do click the Back button, it takes you out of the browser back to the page before you entered the help (even though you've been navigating inside the help for a while). When you click the Forward button to re-enter help, the TOC pane is totally gone.

      Additionally, bullets and sub-lists display incorrectly in Firefox. By sub-lists I mean a, b, c, d, etc., usually placed below a regular number. Look at them in IE versus Firefox -- totally different indentations. Same with bullets. When you create a style for bullets, it indents strange (doesn't indent the bullet, just the text).

      I know there are a lot of css issues between Firefox and IE, but when the Back and Forward buttons are crippled and the bullets and sub-lists are scatter-brained, it's highly problematic.

      I thought at first it was my manual adjustments to the css style sheet, so I reverted to the default and only adjusted styles through the standard RoboHelp editor. Same problems.

      Am I safe to conclude that RoboHelp only works well in IE?