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    What's going on in existing html page when I add animations?!!

    micjap Level 1

      I am working in Dreamweaver CC on a windows 7 pc, also working in Edge Animate.


      I am in an existing site, and I followed the tutorials for opening an existing html file (page) and animating two elements on the page.  I did not create a separate file to save to or to publish to, since nothing in the tutorials (either lynda.com or adobe tv) said anything about creating separate folders either in the site or out of the site.  The tutorials just say "save and publish." 


      This works GREAT!!  BUT, but, but...nope, not so great.  It creates a "publish/web" folder inside my site root folder that has duplicates of every page on my site!  AND, while the animations work GREAT on the index page, I lose my nav bar functionality--no links, no rollover states, nada.


      If I go into the html file in Dreamweaver and make changes to the page, then the animation also stops working.


      Are all the pages duplicated because all of my html pages are based on a single template?  And by trying to animate the header on the index page, it duplicates all of the pages?


      Why does it eliminate the nav bar functionality?  Is this again because the page is based on a template?


      And finally, why do I lose the animation when I edit the page (ANYTHING on the page) in Dreamweaver???


      I don't know if I am missing something?  The help will be greatly appreciated! 


      The site can be found here.  It is 8:00 pm pacific mountain time, and I am shutting off the computer until tomorrow about 11 am.  If you get a chance to look at the page before 11 am on November 17, maybe you can spot the problem for me?  I will start revising it again after 11 am pacific time on Sunday November 17.