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    Using my Photoshoped photo in PowerPoint


      I finished editing my first photo and now I want to use is in PowerPoint.  PowerPoint says "an error occured while inserting this file."  The file is a .psd. Thank you!

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          bforta@adobe.com Adobe Employee

          The Photoshop PSD file is used by Photoshop, and won't be understood by PowerPoint. Think of the PSD file as you work area, the place you create and edit and build your creation. Then, when you are done, you save it in a format that other programs can use. Like this:


          1. Finish and save your work in Photoshop
          2. From the Photoshop File menu, select Save As
          3. You'll see a drop down box that lets you pick the "Save as type", pick PNG or JPEG (others will work too, but those two are usually very safe choices)
          4. Click the Save button
          5. You may be prompted with options about layers or compression or other file type specific settings, you can ignore than and just accept the default and click OK
          6. You'll then have a second file, named the same as your Photoshop file, but of a different file type, and that's the file you'll insert into PowerPoint


          One last note. If you then go back to Photoshop to make changes to your original PSD file, you'll need to go through the Save As steps again.


          --- Ben