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    Forms | Pages | Screens

      Good Day,

      I'm a simple guy, programming Visual Basic since version 3, HTML since Netscape ruled the world.
      The concept of Pages | Forms | Screens is something I am familiar with. In Flex - It seems this concept is obfuscated.

      I understand I can have a flash file with the Flex runtime libraries, then, any other flash file will be small, containing only assets related to that file.

      Therefore, to build my application - I've decided to investigate having each of the 20 or so flash-flex swf files on a separ HTML page. In Director-Lingo-Shockwave - all my variables stay in scope as I move from one HTML page to another.

      Is this the case with Flash-FLex-AS3-SWF? Please - answer yes or no. I don't need theory on why I should or should not do it this way. Thank you in advance.

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          peterent Level 2

          But I really can't just leave it at that. First off, I totally respect your experience, but Flex embraces a different application flow. The idea is to have a single page experience for the user. When you use HTML and you have a series of forms, the "Submit" button sent the information to the server which responded with a different page. In Flex, that submit button might also send data to the server, but the server's response will be other data. The Flex application doesn't switch pages, but can do a lot of other things: have the form slide to the left and the new form slide in from the right; have the form dissolve from view and the next form zoom in; have the form flip over like a playing card showing the next form on its reverse side; and on and on. The idea is that the user's experience isn't interrupted with a page refresh, but rather have their experience be more of a flow from point to point.

          If you insist on using multiple HTML pages you will discount the point of Flex and Rich Internet Apps in general.
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            Gunterman Level 1
            Peter, thank you for your reply.
            In additiont to VB and HTML-PHP-MYSQL, I've done a lot of Lingo-Director-Shockwave.
            On many of those projects, we've had multiple DIR movies. And I would like to be able to do this too with Flex.

            About 50% of the hits to my website are on dial-up - not high-speed. Therefore, I only want to download what is to be used at the time.

            I'm wary of 500k 1mb size flash files that incorporate 'all'. Suggestion?
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              peterent Level 2
              You can split your Flex application into modules (see the Module component in the Flex documentation). In addition, Flex 3 (actually the Flash Player for Flex 3) will have the ability to keep libraries cached on the end-user's computer. For example, if your application uses the Flex Button component, you can have that cached so that after it has been downloaded once, it doesn't have to be downloaded again unless you require a newer version. Combining that with Modules should get you an application that does what you need in the size you want.