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    Request confirmation from Adobe: Pressure sensitivity support coming for N-trig pens

    Zen Seven Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      I'm really looking forward to the Sony VAIO Fit convertible ultra-book, which uses N-Trig's pen technology. However supposedly these pens do not have pressure sensitivity with Photoshop! I contact N-Trig directly, and this is what they said:


      The pen functionality is currently limited on Photoshop due to Adobe’s lack of the Standard Windows Pen API support. These limitations will be removed in next versions of Adobe Photoshop. Full pen functionality is currently available in supported programs such as Sketchbook, Corel (Paint it! Touch) and Artrage.


      To learn more, please contact Sony Support or Adobe directly.


      Best regards,


      N-trig customer care team


      Can you guys confirm this?