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    Image Maps that link to Images

    darkagn Level 1
      Hi all,

      All of my experience so far is in the Microsoft HTML Help, but I have just started a new project where I think the best solution for what is required will be WebHelp. I have made a bit of a start, but I have come across the following problem when attempting to do something that I have done in MS HTML Help many times:

      I have a jpg image of a light bulb that I add a hyperlink to in order to link to another jpg image such as a screenshot of what I am discussing. This way the reader can choose whether they wish to view the screenshot or not, and the screen isn't dominated by the large images that I sometimes need to display. The way that I do this is to create a hyperlink to a file and select the appropriate jpg image to link to. This works perfectly in MS HTML Help, but in WebHelp it appears to do nothing (the browser doesn't even say "Page cannot be displayed"). The status bar of the browser does display "javascript:void(0)" or something similar though.

      Is there further restriction on the types of file that I can hyperlink to in WebHelp? I have had a look at the RH Help and it seems to indicate that the only files any help file can link to is pdf, doc or xls, so I am a little confused.

      Thanks in advance,

      PS I am using RH 6. Cheers!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi darkagn

          You should probably try adding that linked image to your list of Baggage files. Just expand the Baggage Files pseudo folder, locate the appropriate folder where the image is expecting to be found, then right-click and add the image.

          I know it sounds odd, but it sounds like RoboHelp isn't aware of the image. So this should correct things.

          Give it a go and keep us posted on the outcome!

          Cheers... Rick
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            HKabaker Level 2
            Rick's suggestion is good..

            Another approach is to create a separate topic containing the image and link from the lightbulb to it as an auto sizing (or fixed size) popup. I do not apply the project template to the popup file, to omit the header from the popup window.

            Sometimes I put a one-line caption above the image, but usually the context is clear enough without it.

            I use this technique frequently to cover three likely situations:

            1. The user has the application open and can see the screen.
            2. The user doesn't have the application open to that screen and needs the popup.
            3. The WebHelp is being used as a standalone guide when the application is not active, so the popup is essential. (Such as in an "archive" of current Webhelp guides.)


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              Linux Rules Level 2
              Hello darkagn -

              I do that frequently - no problem. I insert the linking image (I use an image of an "I" instead of a lightbulb) then set the action as DHTML drop-down text and insert the target image into the drop-down text box. Click to see the image, click again to hide it - works great.

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                darkagn Level 1
                Hi all and thanks for the great suggestions!

                I first tried Rick's suggestion of adding the images to the Baggage Files folder. Unfortunately that didn't work, although I did get an interesting result when I tried to link as a popup rather than a hyperlink. It looked like it was trying to load but couldn't - the hourglass 'waiting' icon flickered many times but then I gave up waiting after a couple of minutes.

                So I tried GEWB's suggestion because it seemed more like what I was hoping to accomplish (apologies to Harvey ). This has worked a treat, so thanks again!

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                  Linux Rules Level 2
                  Hello darkagn -

                  Glad one of the suggestions worked for you.