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    Cannot create video file or DVD


      I have Premiere 8 running on Windows XP.  I have an edited video clip that I'm trying to turn into watchable content, either Quicktime or burn to DVD.  Cannot succeed either way.  I get an error, no error code.  Thinking that I was maybe running out of resources, I shut down everything else on my PC, including Norton.  Still no luck.  I tried shortening the video clip in half to just 19 minutes.  This time, it said successful, but the resulting video file was only 13 minutes long.


      In the past, I've created videos fine, roughly an hour long, on this same computer and same version of software and everything.  Not sure what my options are at this point - welcome any assistance.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Let us go through the basics first


          1. Are you working from the 8.0.1 Update of Premiere Elements 8?

          2. Do you have the automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnalzyer features turned Off?

          3. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 and are you running the program as Run As Administrator or from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?


          4. What are the properties of what you are putting on the Premiere Elements Timeline? And, what project preset have you set to match the properties of those source media?


          5. What are your exact settings when you get to Share/Personal Computer/QuickTime...preset and export settings under the Advanced Button of the preset?

          6. If you opt to burn to DVD (Share/Disc/DVD disc), what does the Quality Area of the Burn Dialog show for Space Required and Bitrate?


          7. Is your computer optimized...pile ups of preview files as well as conformed video and audio files cleaned up? Have you given your computer a run through of ccleaner (regular cleaner as well as registry cleaner parts)?

          8. In your case, you are running a 32 bit application in a 32 bit system. How much installed and available RAM does your computer have? How much free hard drive space does your computer have? Is it all confined to the Local Disk C? Are your Scratch Disks directed to a hard drive save location with enough hard drive space to accept them. (Also see 7).


          Let us start here and then see if we can put together the details into a resolution to your issue.





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            Watcher Level 1

            Hi AT,

            Thanks so much for your response!  You've given a lot of things to check that wouldn't have occurred to me.  Here's my first pass.

            1.  Probably, but not definitely.  When I check the version, it says 8.0, and it reminds me to upgrade on the splash screen.  But when I go through the upgrade process, it insists I'm up to date with the latest version.

            2.  I thought so, but when I checked my processes, it shows ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe running, using large amounts of memory.  How do I shut this off?

            3.  Quicktime - yes, up to date.  Ran Apple Software Update, all looks good.

                Admin - no - I use a limited account for security reasons.  After reading this, I logged in as Administrator and tried again.  The first time, it more or less crashed.  Program was not done, not responding, and said it was still working, even though no CPU or I/O activity.  The second time it claimed to complete successfully.  When I checked the file, it was only 25 minutes long, not the expected 40 minutes, with a few areas of black screen instead of proper video.  Better than before, but still not there.  Wasn't aware that administrator had an impact on this- what's the reason?

            4.  Not sure I know what you're asking - I'm not well versed in Elements, I just use some basic features.  I've downloaded video (with audio) off my camera, and added some title pages inside so various scenes would be labelled.  Didn't (intentionally) use or change anything else.  If this isn't an adequate answer, please help me understand what else I need to provide.

            5.  I chose Quicktime, and then change the Presets from "128K Dual ISDN" to "Local Area Network (LAN)" under the theory that this will have a better video image.  Don't believe anything else is tweaked from the default, unless it's something I touched a long time ago and have forgotten.  My goal in this whole exercise is to get a playable movie onto my iPad.  Quicktime is the only format I've found which both plays and renders correctly.  (At least it used to).

            6.  Let's leave DVD to the side for the moment - I'd like to create DVD of this eventually, but just getting Quicktime file would be a huge win for now.

            7.  Have not had a chance to do a fresh scrub of this.  Will do so.  If you have specific recommendations of what to do, and what a could registry cleaner would be, let me know.

            8.  2GB RAM.  C:/ has 138 GB Free.  F:/ has 23 GB free.  Source files (from camera) are on F:/.  I've tried various options, but am currently directing output file to C:/.  By "Scratch disks" - is this an elements option?  If so, how do I check?


            Thanks again for your help on this!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              That AutoAnalyzer feature in Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 is a major problem.


              In the Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 workspace, click on the Organizer tab in the row below the active Organize header. In the Elements Organizer that opens, click on Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer Options. Under the AutoAnalyzer Options, remove the check mark for all. Close out of there. To get back to the Premiere Elements workspace from the Elements Organizer workspace, in the Elements Organizer workspace, click on File Menu/Exit.


              I think that the Administrator requirement exists for QuickTime and other programs besides Premiere Elements. But it is a must. You can try right clicking the Desktop icon for Premiere Elements and selecting Run As Administrator. Also working the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges should do the job.


              Knowing the properties of what you are putting on the Timeline is important, and the formats there could be contributing to the problems. Some formats have their problems. See what you can put together on that information, such as, video compression, audio compression, file extension, 4:3 or 16:9. As I said, if you have problems doing that, just knowing the brand/model/settings of the camera used can be a big help in ruling in or out the Timeline content format from the troubleshooting.


              That is not much RAM you have installed, 2 GB. So, let us not try the larger projects during our troubleshooting. Once we have established a good workflow with the smaller sized projects we can advance upward to find our limit.


              Here is what I would like you to explore for your iPad video....

              Share/Mobile Phones and Players

              Apple iPod and iPhone

              with preset = iPod and iPhone High Quality

              under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, you can adjust the export settings accordingly


              But for best results or results at all, we need to make sure the project is set up correctly. And that does include knowing the properties of what we put on the Timeline. This Mobile Phones and Players will give you a H.264.mp4 file that you should be able to use.


              If you use Share/Personal Computer/QuickTime with presets = 128 K Dual ISDN, look at the settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and consider the Video Codec = H.264 especially if you have not already. This will give you a H.264.mov file.


              For now, Scratch Disks, make sure that you see enough free hard drive space listed for them wherever you have them directed. You will see that type of information in Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks. In the Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/8.0, look for pile ups of preview files in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder...by pile up, I mean GB amounts. We will get back to this later.


              Please review and do not hesitate to ask if you see something that needs clarification.


              Thanks for the follow ups.



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                Watcher Level 1

                Well, I shut off the Autoanalyzer and did some preliminary cleanup, then tried to cut another file using the iPod settings as mentioned.   Got right to the end when Adobe crashed.  Don't have time to try again tonight - will let you know when I have some additional data - probably in a couple days.  Thanks again so much for your help on this.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Looking forward to further developments when you get the Timeline.


                  Please check out what you have and then look at the size of the project as a factor in the results. If you do, work from copies of the original project to obtain a 1/2 version project.





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                    Watcher Level 1

                    OK, looking for the properties you were asking for, not sure if I'm looking in the right place.


                    I'm downloading video from a Countour HD 1080P Sportscam.  It says its taking them in 1280x960, 30fps, 4:3 aspect ratio.  The files end ".mov".


                    My scratch directories are on my C: and F: drive.  49GB free on F:, 136 GB free on C:


                    If there's some other information that I can provide to move this along, please tell me where to look.


                    I tried another sample run, and it crashed again.  At least it's consistent!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Given you have Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1...and source media 1280 x 960 @ 30 progressive frames per second. This appears to be a H.264.mp4 file although you say it has a .mov file extension. Are you sure about the .mov?


                      Whether .mov or .mp4, with the latest version of QuickTime installed, the automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnalzyer features turned off, and working from the 8.0.1 Update.....


                      Direct all the Scratch Disks to the C Drive (it has more free space and I want all the Scratch Disks going to this same place for now)


                      Start a new project. Set the project preset at NTSC DV Standard. It is our only 4:3 project preset and we want the space in the Edit Mode monitor to be for a 4:3 project regardless of the frame size.


                      Can you import the video into the project with Get Media/Files and Folder and get it to the Timeline workspace Timeline without crashing the program under the circumstances cited?


                      Depending on the results, look at the results with Enable GPU Playback with and without a check mark in Edit Menu/Preferences/General.


                      We may be suggesting a look at the version 12 tryout from Adobe depending on how things go. But, 8.0.1 is a good program so I do not want you to put it aside until we know with more certainty that it cannot handle the source media that you have.


                      More later and export if we make any advances with import.





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                        Watcher Level 1

                        Yes, I confirmed these are definitely .mov files.

                        Is there any way I can create a new project and avoid having to rebuild everything from scratch?  ie, this is not a single video file I imported.  It's 39 video files, with some trimming, and title pages in between each.  Took me a while to set up.  I'll do it again if I have to, but would like to know if there's a simple shortcut.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          The Adobe party line is that you cannot change project settings once the project preset has been set.


                          But, please tell me the exact project preset (project settings) that you have now and what you want them to be.

                          Let us confirm and be on sync on this, and I will suggest how to do this. It can be done under circumstances.


                          From your description of your source media, I believe we want to get to a NTSC DV Standard project preset to get the correct space in the Edit Mode monitor from which to edit. So that will be the end goal. What is the project preset now?


                          Often it is easier to start a new project if the project settings are suspect. But, with a lot of work invested in the project, that becomes a hard call.

                          If we try for these project settings changes for the current projects, please try the details on a copy of the current project.


                          So, right now, waiting for confirmation on your present project preset (settings).





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                            Here's what I've got on the existing project (all inherited - I didn't tweak any of these):

                            Editing Mode: DV NTSC

                            Timebase: 29.97

                            horizontal: 720 vertical 480 4:3

                            Pixel Aspect: D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)

                            30fps Drop-Frame Timecode

                            Title Safe Area: 20%   20% vertical

                            Action Safe Area: 10%  10% vertical

                            Audio Sample rate: 48000 Hz


                            Capture Format: DV


                            Video Rendering

                            Maximum Bit Depth (not checked)

                            Preview File Format: Microsoft AVI DVI NTSC

                            Compressor: DV NTSC

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Not so good news unless I missing something.


                              Based on the properties that you reported for your source media, I was suggesting the project preset


                              DV Standard


                              This is with thought that you or the project had set something other than that for for 1280 x 960 4:3 source media.


                              But, the project setting that you show under Edit Menu/Project settings/General are consistent with the project preset already set to NTSC DV Standard. So, nothing to change.


                              From your results, I believe it is your computer resources that is holding you back on this project. You have said that you have gotten larger projects done in past with this same version and same computer. Could they have been of lesser resolution or a different format? Can you get that 2 GB RAM installed to 4 GB and free up more hard drive space?


                              Have we been down the route of optimizing the computer to the max, getting rid of pile ups of files, and the like?


                              Please review, think about it, and then we will see where we are at.





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                                Watcher Level 1

                                1.  Could other projects have used different resolution?  Yes.  This is a new video camera.  Didn't think about that earlier.

                                2.  Can i upgrade RAM?  Don't think so.  I tried a while ago.  Bought the right specs from Staples - for reasons neither i nor the techie at the store understood, it physically did not fit.  More recentky, i tried online at Dell, and they've discontinued this model, so don't sell that ram.

                                3.  Free up more hd space.  Really?  Over 100gb free.  How much does it need?

                                4.  Optimize.  Work in progress.  I've been uninstalling old programs, cleaning temp files, registry, etc...  No impact yet, probably more that could be done.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  For non promotional reasons, I am suggesting that you check out crucial about your installed RAM situation.

                                  http://www.crucial.com/ It should not cost you anything to inquire.


                                  Here's a check list, just in case,


                                  1. Edit Menu/Preferences/Media...hit the Clean Button in the Media Cache Database area there


                                  2. Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/8.0/ get rid of the preview files in Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder and also the conformed audio in the Media Cache Folder there.


                                  3. Run the ccleaner, if you have not already, the cleaner and registry parts



                                  4. Do you have any stills in your Premiere Elements 8.0.1 Timeline? If so, get them size not to exceed 1000 x 750 pixels.


                                  5. Under no circumstances move or delete any of the source media files that are in this project that you are trying to take to completion.


                                  More later.



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                                    Watcher Level 1

                                    Thanks for the reference to Crucial.  Have ordered 2 more GB of RAM, should be here in a couple days.  Hoping that will make a big difference!

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      I am hoping that the Crucial RAM utility picked modules, that match your existing RAM exactly. While some have been able to mix RAM, there can be issues. I always suggest a perfect match, in all respects.


                                      I take that as far as removing old RAM, if there is not perfect match for that, and acquiring matching RAM sticks/chips across the MoBo.


                                      Good luck, and please tell us how well things go.



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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the update.


                                        You should do just fine with your RAM input from Crucial.


                                        I have been down that road of "matched set" RAM with them and based on the information put together from their input and that other computer people, the "perfect match" was not found to be as critical a matter as per Hunt's comments/experiences  on his preferences in this matter.


                                        Are you all set with the how to instructions for your particular motherboard and its memory slots?


                                        We will be watching for your preferences.


                                        Thanks for the follow ups.



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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                                          Obviously we travel in different circles.


                                          Wish that I had a $ for everyone who bought un-matched RAM, and had issues.



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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            If you post the list of reported Premiere Elements issues which turned out to have a one on one relationship with un-matched RAM, I will be glad to read them all.


                                            But, I have been there and done this with all my computers and versions of Premiere Elements and cannot confirm your generalization which makes a major hit on the budget. (None of the other applications on the computer were affected either.)


                                            Also, as a point of information, I have gone with unmatched as well as matched with the same results.



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              I could post hundreds of issues, with many programs an operating systems, where mismatched RAM brought the computer to a standstill, but if you have had excellent results with mismatching RAM, what would be the purpose?


                                              As RAM has many attributes from connections, to timing, to parity, what would be the point. Mismatch all you want, and good luck to you.


                                              RAM is not specific to the program. RAM is specific to the MoBo, the BIOS, then the OS.


                                              Like several users love the various free CODEC packs, but many do not, as there have been problems, I would say that if it works for you - fine. However, as they do not work for all, beware.


                                              Go for what you want, but I will take the other road, and that reflects many issues, that I do not wish to face. As most RAM purchases are NOT refundable, I would rather lead a user to do things that will work, 100% of the time, whether you agree, or not.



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                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                At a time convenient to you, we will await at least a few of these hundreds of posted issues where mismatched RAM was shown to be at the core of a Premiere Elements problem. In over 10 years of looking into Premiere Elements issues, just have not run into one.


                                                If one deals with a reputable vendor (that does not necessarily mean manufacturer of the computer), it will work with you before and after the purchase to steer you on a technical and cost effective approach to upgrading installed RAM.


                                                I respect your preferences and what works for you. So no problem if I need to agree to disagree on your premise here.


                                                My Premiere Elements goals are always in the best interests of the users.



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                                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                  No more will be necessary since I did not see one in the list that addressed the following which was all that I asked of you.

                                                  At a time convenient to you, we will await at least a few of these hundreds of posted issues where mismatched RAM was shown to be at the core of a Premiere Elements problem


                                                  There are yet more generalizaed articles such as those that you posted which seem to take a different perspective, one example,



                                                  We will await Watcher's results.



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                                                    Watcher Level 1

                                                    RAM is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  I don't think it will add anything to this debate, as I did my best to get something matched.  Had 2 1gb sims, got two more, which crucial swears are for my model.  Fingers crossed.


                                                    ATR, since you've been so helpful, i wonder if i can throw another question at you (let me know if you prefer this go on another thread).  On some purchased videos on my iPad, I can see scene selections up front.  I tried setting this up one one of my adobe videos.  Worked great when i burned it to a DVD - could jump to any scene i wanted from the DVD menu.  But my iPad did not recognize any of this, and forced me to play the video as a single unit.  I eventually resorted to scribbling down the scene breaks in terms of minutes and seconds in another file so I could fast forward to the right place.  Do you know if its possible to get the iPad to reconize these different scenes in the menu?

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                                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                      That was an interesting question that you asked about giving DVD-VIDEO with menus onto an iPad.


                                                      My take on this includes...


                                                      First, Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 does not export/save to a file with menus. Menus are for burn to disc.


                                                      In the case of DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, the format structure is in the VIDEO_TS Folder. For what you seem to want, I see

                                                      a. burning your Timeline, using Share/Disc/DVD, to folder to obtain the VIDEO_TS Folder from the saved folder.

                                                      b. converting that whole VIDEO_TS Folder into a .mp4 format

                                                      c. taking that .mp4 video into iTunes from where you would import/sync that into the iPad.


                                                      Tonight I did some Google searches for the VIDEO_TS Folder to .mp4 converter software and found several that seemed to offer what we sought. I downloaded one and tried it. But, I ended up with the video of the DVD-VIDEO as a .mp4 file and not the video plus menus of the DVD-VIDEO as a .mp4 file. I did not need 3rd party software for that. It is getting the menus with the video that is the focus.


                                                      I do not have an iPad nor iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch 4th generation. Tomorrow I will see if I can find one of these 3rd party softwares to do what we want. I am going to look at HandBrake.


                                                      It looks like the movies that come from iTune come in two version..in the case of DVD-VIDEO, the DVD-VIDEO and digital copy which seems to me like a conversion of the DVD-VIDEO to perhaps an .mp4 file.



                                                      Premiere Elements cannot take the whole VIDEO-TS Folder and convert it into a .mp4 file. But, it can take the VTS_01_1.VOB (video stream, no navigational menus) and convert that to a .mp4.


                                                      I need to think about this some more.


                                                      More later.



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                                                        Watcher Level 1

                                                        Ugh.  Got the RAM, installed it.  Adobe crashed again.


                                                        Here's some additional comments:

                                                        My Computer recognizes 3GB, not 4.  I know that Windows has limits in this regard, but looking online, I thought XP could recognize up to 3.5GB.  Anything I can do to help it recognize a bit more RAM?


                                                        I navigated to Docs/Adobe/Premiere Elements/8.0.  There are hundreds of folders under CAObjectTrackResults.  They don't seem to contain "Preview" files, but do seem to have Object Track logs.  Should I delete these?


                                                        I have not yet run the registry cleaner you linked.  I ran the one built into Norton.  If you think it's significant, I'll download this other one when I get some time.


                                                        The only "stills" I have are Title Pages I added throughtout the file.  Don't know how to get it to show me resolution - please advise if you think it's relevant.

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                                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                          l felt the pain when I saw

                                                          Ugh.  Got the RAM, installed it.  Adobe crashed again.

                                                          If you have Windows XP 32 bit with the max.supported installed RAM = 4 GB, it is expected that you would have 3 GB or less of that available.


                                                          You definitely do not want CAObjectTrackResults. Let me give you specifics for the Windows XP 32 path to where to look for pile ups of preview files from rendering the Timeline and for pile ups of conformed audio and video files.


                                                          Windows XP 32 bit

                                                          Previews files should be found in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder.

                                                          Local Disc C

                                                          Documents and Settings


                                                          My Documents


                                                          Premiere Elements


                                                          and in the 8.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder which contains preview files that you can delete...worst case scenario, you render the whole or part of the Timeline again if you need the best possible preview.


                                                          The next folder to focus on is the Media Cache Files Folder. It is not the same as the Media Cache Folder. The Media Cache Files Folder contains conformed audio (cfa and pek) and the Media Cache Folder contains conformed video (mcdb) files.


                                                          Please find the Media Cache Files Folder and delete its content. Worse case scenario, the program will regenerate the conformed audio when and if needed. If it is not already, get/move the Media Cache Files Folder into the 8.0 Folder along with the Adobe Premiere Elements Files Folder.


                                                          The Media Cache Folder (conformed video files - mcdb) should be found in the path

                                                          Local Disc C

                                                          Documents and Settings


                                                          Application Data



                                                          in that Common Folder is the Media Cache Folder whose contents (mcdb) you want to delete.

                                                          (A quicker route to doing the same thing is, in the opened Premiere Elements project, go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and, in the Media Cache Database area, click the Clean button.


                                                          Important, if you find both the Media Cache Folder and the Media Cache Files Folder in that Common Folder, get that Media Cache Files Folder out of there and move it to the 8.0 Folder to exist there with the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder.


                                                          Please review the above and, if any questions before the deletion, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.


                                                          Thank you.



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                                                            nealeh Level 5

                                                            Watcher wrote:


                                                            My Computer recognizes 3GB, not 4.  I know that Windows has limits in this regard, but looking online, I thought XP could recognize up to 3.5GB.  Anything I can do to help it recognize a bit more RAM?

                                                            Lots of computers, especially laptops, reserve memory for system use. I have a 4GB 32-bit Vista HP Pavilion that only reports 3GB usable memory, but my 64-bit Linux partition can access all 4GB. One of those really annoying 'features' that is so often missing from reviews.


                                                            If your laptop supports 'PAE' you can switch that on - it provides 36-bit memory addressing that might make your machine see more usable memory.


                                                            Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children


                                                            If this post or another user's post resolves the original issue, please mark the posts as correct and/or helpful accordingly. This helps other users with similar trouble get answers to their questions quicker. Thanks.

                                                            • 28. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                              As said, the maximum supported installed RAM (Physical Memory) is 4 GB for Windows 7 32 bit, typically with 3 GB of that available (varies from computer to computer).


                                                              Two types of memory are RAM (Physical Memory) and VIrtual Memory (which really is space allotted and used for memory purposes on the computer hard drive). It is in the Virtual Memory area where you can pick up "some" gain using a feature called the 3 GB Switch which will give you a Virtual Memory perk.


                                                              Right now I think your gains are best sought in assuring that you have those Scratch Disk set optimally and are maintained as such now that you have the benefit of maximum supported installed RAM.


                                                              http://forum.crucial.com/t5/Standard-DRAM-Memory-Knowledge/Why-doesn-t-Windows-recognize-a ll-of-my-memory/ta-p/39570


                                                              Some have tried to push the 3 GB available displayed to 3.5 GB using various techniques, PAE is one of them.



                                                              Maybe more popular is the 3 GB Switch.



                                                              Please review and then we decide what next. In spite of the Premiere Elements crashes, have you seen any changes in the performance of the program since upgrading the RAM?


                                                              Looking forward to your progress.





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                                                                Watcher Level 1

                                                                Yes, it might have been somewhat faster with the new RAM.  Got the sense that it more CPU was engaged (less time in IO), though that might have simply been what I was expecting and hoping for.  I made a second run using the Quicktime format (not the iPod format).  It ran successfully, and produced a video about 35 minutes long (6 minutes short or so).  This is an improvement - previously this route had produced a video about 20 minutes long.  Will tackle some of your additional recommendations about clearing out those files in a couple days.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                                • 30. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                  Sounding better and better.


                                                                  Best wishes for a great Happy Thanksgiving.


                                                                  Thank you for staying with the troubleshooting. Congratulations on your successes.



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                                                                    Watcher Level 1

                                                                    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


                                                                    I've done some file cleanup (more later on this), and tried running again with iPod, then quicktime output.


                                                                    The iPod output crashed again.  Every time it happens just as the program is done.  A few moments before completion, CPU dropped from 85% to 5%, and the PF Usage went up from 2.00GB to 2.06GB (after being very consistent at 2.00GB for a while).  It stuck on "Estimated time remaining: 05" for about 30 seconds, then crashed.


                                                                    When I ran trying the quicktime output, Adobe gave me a warning message that I was running very low on system resources.  I didn't right down details, but when I checked my resources, the Commit Charge Limit was roughly 5000000, and Peak Usage was around 2220000.  This suggests to me that I didn't come close to maxing out RAM.  What other resources is it fighting for?  (The resulting quicktime file was MUCH shorter than before, though still produced with no explicit error.)


                                                                    I think that my installation might be a little wonky.  I forget if this was historical experimentation on my part, or something that went askew, but I have three users on my system.  Administator, "Bruce" and "Bruce - User".  "Bruce - User" is where all my normal "my Documents" files get stored, but I believe I found a couple Adobe files scattered in directories under "Bruce" as well.


                                                                    Also - I'm positive that I set all my scratch disk folders to C:/, but checking just now, I see most of them have reverted to F:/.  My gut tells me this isn't likely to be the issue, because F:/ still has 48GB free, but I'm clearly not the expert here.


                                                                    I'm not sure I understood the bit you said about Media Cache Folder versus Media Cache Files Folder.


                                                                    Is it possible to "reset" Adobe to make sure there are no funky issues that could be confusing it?  Or just reinstall?  What are next steps?

                                                                    • 32. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                      Watcher Level 1

                                                                      Tried running again, this time with a half sized timeline (19.5 minutes), using iPod output.  This time it worked.  I haven't checked it 100% - in the past I sometimes saw some areas blacked out - but preliminary examination all looks good.  If memory serves, this is the first time I've run using iPod output when it has not crashed.


                                                                      HOWEVER - Adobe did give me a warning message popup.  I forgot to copy it down, but it basically said "Adobe is running low on system memory.  Please close down apps and proceed with caution."


                                                                      But when I review my windows task manager, once again it looks like it's barely taking advantage of available RAM:

                                                                      Limit: 5072292

                                                                      Peak: 1873616


                                                                      Does this mean there is some other internal resource that it is running out of, other than raw RAM, which is causing the crash with the larger file size?  If so, what is that resource, and what do I do to increase it?


                                                                      What are next steps?

                                                                      • 33. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                        Just wanted to let you know that I just saw your two latest posts. I was traveling from November 29 until December 1 and did not get back into action here until December 3rd. My Thanksgiving holiday was actually after Thanksgiving Day. That is it for traveling until the Spring.


                                                                        Let us do a recap...

                                                                        a. Double check to make sure that the Background Rendering and AutoAnalzyer features are Off.

                                                                        b. Check out the save location of the Scratch Disks and set them to wherever you have the most free space.


                                                                        c. Video format can be dragging the project down. Please confirm the properties of the source media on this Timeline. What is the project preset? What is the duration of the Timeline...is it 40 minutes originally and you have cut down to 20 to get some success?

                                                                        d. You talk about an iPod export...which specific one? Do you find that the choice of export is dragging the project down or is that the case even before the iPod export choice?


                                                                        Right now let us rule in or out the contribution of the specific Timeline content to these low memory messages.


                                                                        More later.





                                                                        • 34. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                          Watcher Level 1

                                                                          A.  Confirmed

                                                                          B.  Everything set to c:/.  My source video files, on the other hand, are on F:/.  Relevant?

                                                                          C.  How do I check the properties?  When I rightclick a clip in the timeline and hit properties, it shows some options on the right side of the screen like "opacity", but not the undelying file properties.  As noted earlier, wheni checked my Contour sportscam, it said 1280x960, 30fps, 4:3 aspect ratio.

                                                                          Yes, full video is 40 minutes, shortened version is 20.

                                                                          D.  I chose the default ipod export option : ipod and iphone high quality

                                                                          Type: h.264


                                                                          30 fps

                                                                          Audio aac, 128 knps 48 khz, stereo


                                                                          I just reran the full file with these conditions.  I think it has crashed.  The program is still running, but its stalled at 52%.  One CPU is still chugging away, the others are at zero.  Normally they're all pretty much fully engaged.


                                                                          More thougts and context:

                                                                          If i thought that an an improved video card would make the difference, I have no trouble upgrading.  If i thought more ram would do the trick, I'd start planning that out, but more hesitantly, because that would involve installing Windows 7 64 bit, and rebuilding everything from scratch - not a trivial operation.  I'm willing to do so, but not if I'm not absolutely confident it will make this work.  Since my task manager indicates its not really leveraging all the existing ram, don't yet have that confidence.

                                                                          • 35. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                            A.T. Romano Level 7




                                                                            You have Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 on Windows XP 32 bit 4 GB RAM installed.

                                                                            Your projects have been failing and have been associated with low memory messages that at times correlate to the duration of the Timeline content.


                                                                            1. Reinstall the RAM modules and/or make sure that their installation is secure.


                                                                            2. For troubleshooting purposes only, can you build a Timeline with about 250 and, depending on the results, then 500 jpg photos 4:3 (resolution no greater than 1000 x 750 pixels) and export that as you have been doing with your video source?


                                                                            More later.


                                                                            Please review and then we can discuss which way to go on this.





                                                                            • 36. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                              Watcher Level 1

                                                                              Hmm... building a timeline with 250 jpgs might be a challenge.  I can probably find 250 image files, but finding enough that are small enough resolution and confirming this is true could be time consuming.

                                                                              While I ponder this, here's another data point for you.  I went back and created a new copy of an old movie file.  This was made using a different camera (or possibly several cameras).  A very long version (1hr 33 minutes) crashed Adobe with an unknown error.  A shorter version (39.5 minutes) worked fine.  I was using the same default iPod output file format both times.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                                                For now, forget about the jpg photos Timeline. My goal was to look at the performance of the program when it was looking at something other the source format you had been using. But, I think that your experiment that you already had in the works gave us valuable information.


                                                                                This was made using a different camera (or possibly several cameras).  A very long version (1hr 33 minutes) crashed Adobe with an unknown error.  A shorter version (39.5 minutes) worked fine.  I was using the same default iPod output file format both times.

                                                                                Interesting that 40 minutes of the format in the first project was a no go, while 40 minutes of this latest went well. What were the differences between the source media? Where there more titles, effects, transitions in one versus the other?

                                                                                Were the media for project 1 and 2 stored in the same place?


                                                                                If your source is 640 x 480 4:3 instead of 1280 x 960 4:3 does the workflow go smoother and can be get further into it without crashes?


                                                                                Some things to consider.


                                                                                More later.



                                                                                • 38. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                                  Watcher Level 1

                                                                                  There are no effects or transitions in either movie, save for a slight shortening of some of the clips, and one is split into two pieces.  There are some title stills.  ie, I went to Title, New Title, Default Still, and typed some text.

                                                                                  Just for background context, this is footage from a martial arts seminar.  I take the raw footage, put some title stills for context, and shorten a few of them to eliminate dead footage.  The successful movie was taken in 2011.  It was either on a Flip, or on a Sony camcorder that was recorded on analog tape, and then imported via Adobe using a firewire connection.  (Don't remember which).

                                                                                  It consists of:

                                                                                  Title Stills: 3

                                                                                  24 clips

                                                                                  Total Time: 39:22

                                                                                  These clips have the extension .mp4.  I don't know how to tell the resolution.  If you have ideas, and think it will be useful, please let me know.


                                                                                  The unsuccessful movie was taken in 2013, based on the Contour HD cam mentioned above.

                                                                                  Title stills: 19

                                                                                  20 clips

                                                                                  Total time: 40:24

                                                                                  Given that my source material for the 2013 seminar is 1280x960, I don't know how to "convert" this to 640x480, unless you're telling me I need to throw footage away and only use a different camera in the future.


                                                                                  Here's another bit of info: while counting the stills and the number of clips for this post, I was scrolling very quickly through the timeline.  After a bit, I got the same error message as before: "Adobe Premiere Elements is running very low on system memory.  Please save your project and proceed with caution."


                                                                                  Once again, this seems very odd, given that Windows Task Manager swears we're not straining the existing RAM:

                                                                                  Limit: 5072292

                                                                                  Peak: 2188980


                                                                                  Is any of this information helpful?


                                                                                  Is there any way to tell why Adobe is claiming low system memory when Windows doesn't see it?

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Cannot create video file or DVD
                                                                                    Watcher Level 1

                                                                                    Thoughts on next steps?

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