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    Missing installation file


      When I attempted to download Bridge CC, Firefox gives me the message that I'm missing the following file:


      "aam://SAPCode=KBRG?productVersion=6.0?passPhrase=U3DS2NucAUZQNPEPIF855/E4HqaYjvUlmoBH/sv da7rfmpBR0Ro0ytYaqxCZIQB/jNPTl+xDk70t6QbFPdwZK8mV9FnleEI8F8+UHJWpPup2YPijN2RipifVvU9mMUKG/ mueVtiYB+3yhuFWg32l4Fq/UDFJkKbNHFSMBQAiitw=."


      Running Win 7 Ultimate, AMD Radeon HD 6900 series display adapter, 24 GB RAM.


      Where can I find this missing file and continue with the Bridge CC install?