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    Can you Manipulate 3D object in Director Dynamically?


      I am looking for some way to dynamically manipulate a 3d object and am wondering if Director 3d has the ability to do this and if so, if any of you want to take this on as a freelance project? (this is a serious request on a cool project, not some hokey offer)

      I had first hoped that Flash could do it since I am more familiar with flash, but I was wondering if Director can update a 3d object on the fly as it gathers new values for a number of points in the 3d object. Can Director do this?

      If you know of any person, any business that knows how to do this PLEASE contact me to discuss more. It has been difficult for me to understand the capabilites of Director 3D without speaking to someone who is talented and competent as I am sure most of you are.