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    Is my computer up to par?


      I've seen all of the amazing things people are able to do in Adobe After Effects, and I've really been wanting to get it myself. As Christmas approaches, I realized I may be able to get After Effects as a gift. However, as I saw the tech specs that were required for it, I began to doubt my computer's ability to run the program. I know that I have been having trouble with certain computer games in terms of graphics quality when 3D graphics are involved. Odds are, I will be doing mostly 3D editing with After Effects. Some of my games I've played recently are either unplayable due to some graphical glitch that causes colored lines to go all over the screen (which happened to a game I bought recently), and other two games that I have had for a while that both have gone on the fritz in terms of the graphic quality only recently (I can provide pictures of all three problems as well as the names of these games if you feel it will be helpful).


      I know for a fact that my graphics card is not supported by AE since its is not Nividia. I know that this program is expensive, and I don't want to buy it if I can't use it. The first question I want you guys to answer for me, if you can, is whether or not there is a way I can find out about all of my computer's hardware specs and display it all on one screen so I can easily tell you more about my laptop if needed. Otherwise, I don't know how to tell you guys anything other than I'm using an Envy14 laptop with Windows 7, it has an Intel Core i5 and has 4GB of ram (3.80 GB usable) and a Radeon HD 5650 graphics card. If you can tell me where I can find more hardware specs so I can post them for you, that would be great. Otherwise, part two of my question is, will I have enough to run Adobe After Effects effeciently? And will it be able to work on 3D models and videos made from software such as Source FilmMaker? If I can help you guys answer my question or if I need to provide more info, just tell me and I will try my best to get it for you. Otherwise, I don't want any, "look it up urself" or any other stupid comments like that. I just want someone to tell me yes or no, my computer can or can't run AE and explain to me why. Thanks again to whoever can give me a good answer.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          As Christmas approaches, I realized I may be able to get After Effects as a gift.


          Are you aware that you can no longer BUY After Effects?  You have to rent it. Does this put a different spin on things for you?


          "Hey, son, I just got you a great gift for Christmas!  I just paid for a year of After Effects for you!  After that, you're on your own!"

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            > Are you aware that you can no longer BUY After Effects?  You have to rent it.



            Dave, that is false. Please stop spreading misinformation.


            You can purchase a perpetual license of After Effects CS6 here:

            https://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_ creativesuite6.html?start=20


            If you want to use After Effects CC, then you need to use a Creative Cloud subscription.


            Now, to address Joey's actual question:


            Your computer has just barely the minimum system requirements for After Effects. So, you will be able to use After Effects, but not as fast as people with more RAM, faster CPUs, and more hard disks (or, better, SSDs). To use After Effects on such a system, you'll need to learn to be patient and to think ahead as you work.


            See this page for information about hardware for After Effects: http://adobe.ly/pRYOuk


            See this page for resources about making After Effects work faster: http://adobe.ly/eV2zE7

            > I know for a fact that my graphics card is not supported by AE since its is not Nividia.


            That is a big misunderstanding. There is one and only one feature (and not an important one) that requires an Nvidia card. See the IMPORTANT note on this page:

            http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2012/05/gpu-cuda-opengl-features-in-after-effects-cs6. html

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Your computer will do just fine. Don't overthink it. Nobody with half a brain would seriously use that raytrace 3D garbage. You can buy a million 3D plug-ins for this stuff if need be or use a proper 3D program that all do a better job and where FilmMaker is concerned, you would simply render out footage. It's proprietary, anyway, since it's based on the Unreal Engine and not a standard 3D format. Get more RAM if possible, but that's pretty much the only thing that's halfway relevant in terms of making AE run smoother - it just loves memory.



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                UQg Level 4

                If you are a very beginner, a Core i5 is fine, 4GB of RAM is the bare minimum though (8 or even 16 is better), but that's the easiest thing to improve and RAM is cheap.

                RAM greatly influences the reactivity of the app, how much and how fast you can preview while working, etc.

                You would need stronger CPU/GPU for complex constructions that you won't be able to achieve from scratch anyway.


                Side topic:

                You should be aware that you will have a lot of things to learn and you'll probably get unrewarding results for some time...

                The documentation is a bit dry but complete, and there are trillions of tutorials on the net.


                Another important thing to know is that around After Effects there is a huge constellation of plugins (and scripts), made by companies/individuals other than Adobe.

                It is a very good point, but at the same time you must know that sometimes to achieve certain things you might need to buy one of these plugins.

                (The effects bundle that comes with AE is quite complete though, and often plugins only facilitate things that can already be made with built-in effects).



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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Sorry about that.  I thought the only place to get a copy of AE 11.x now was on eBay.  Apparently I'm wrong.