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    Linking files

    Bala1968 Level 1

      I have Adobe acrobat Pro XI


      I want to link PDF or PPT files to my main PDF file so that reader clicks the object in my main PDF files and views the other file linked to it. I can do this but both main file and linked files need to be in same directory or location.


      I want single file with linked files as "embed" on the main PDF file itself.


      Basically Main files have linked files with it, so that i no need to send many reader many files but one PDF file. He or she opens the single PDF file and clicks on the object to get linked file. Reader will not see the linked files and at the same time files need not to be in the same location. Single PDF file contains all linked files with in - may be size of the file is quiet large but still it is a single large file. So that i can send to reader via email not as a ziped file or folder.


      How we can do this?