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    Bulleted List issue


      Hi Rh'ers,

      I am facing an issue with Bullets.


      Type of Output: CHM

      RH version: RH10 in TCS4

      OS: Win 7


      Following is the description:


      I have downloaded a .png and .gif Yellow Bullet image(Square bullet), as I wanted to use it for list of topics.

      The text inside the yellow bulleted dropdown(Create dropdown Hotspot and text) actually had numbered lines.


      But when I saw the same in output, the numbers were replaced by the yellow bullets.

      On clicking relate materials to jobs, a dropdown hotspot displayed the actual numbered bullets as yellow bullets.

      Output mode.png

      However in the preview mode, there were no issues.


      Note: I have covered the content, due to privacy issues

      I tried many combinations:

      1. Without yellow bullet and just dropdown: worked fine -  removed the yellow bullets and tried.
      2. With numbered format: worked fine - in place of yellow bullets i tired normal numbering.
      3. With default black (Square) bullet: worked fine



      I have to retain the yellow buton ONLY. Thats a prescribed method.


      Please let me know a solution.


      Thanks in advance