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    escape to exit Stage fullscreen loses keyboard focus

      Been using the Stage["displayState"] = "fullScreen" property in 9.0.28 to get some full screen action, but I noticed in Mozilla when you press the escape key to exit the fullscreen mode the keyboard focus is not returned to the flash movie...instead I have to click on the flash movie before I can use keys again. In IE7 keyboard focus works as expected... press escape and then keyboard focus is back within the player within the browser. Anyone else seen this behaviour and have a workaround?
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          Kristian Wright Level 1
          I'm having sort of the same issue - I have an application with menus that fade in and out via rollOver and rollOut events. When in normal mode, this works fine. I change to full-screen and it works as well. But when I revert back to normal from full-screen, the flash API still thinks that the mouse is over the flash movie, even though it is on another part of the browser that is 100% not flash once the movie has gone back to normal size. Only by moving the mouse over, then out of the movie, will the event fire correctly.

          What's interesting, is that it seems that the FullScreenEvent that fires when the mode changes, Flash player first processes all the code in the event handler, THEN actually changes from full-screen to normal. So I can't even use the mouseX and mouseY properties to check if the mouse is over the object in the event handler, as it calculates the positions, returns the dimensions and then changes to normal mode.

          This problem is not present with IE - it works as expected.

          So has anyone been able to overcome this for firefox?