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    Recommended workflow for Illustrator EPS files


      Since it is not possible to embed a profile when saving an Illustrator file as an EPS, what is the recommended workflow?

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          G.Hoffmann Level 3

          You're right,


          Illustrator EPS' cannot have embedded ICC profiles:

          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm?cat=support&term=EPS%20profile&loc=en_us&sel f=0&lr=en_us&product=illustrator


          According to Specification ICC1:2001-12, embedding of profiles should be possible.

          One for the preview, one for the page description. But Adobe doesn't offer this feature.


          Illustrator can save as PDF with embedded profile.


          If an EPS should be converted into a PDF with embedded profile, then we have  two



          1) Open in Illustrator and save as PDF with embedded profile.


          2) Open in Acrobat (workflow here for Acrobat 8)

          Advanced > Print Production > Convert colors >

          Uncheck colors which should not be converted

          Check for instance Device RGB

          Choose the profile, for instance sRGB or AdobeRGB, of course the correct one

          Check Embed profile




          If the EPS should not be converted into a PDF, for instance as a source file for  further

          PostScript editing, then the recommended workflow is simply like this:

          Use Device RGB (to be interpreted as sRGB) and Device CMYK (to be interpreted  by

          a common profile like ISOCoated-v2-eci).

          The Device-CMYK-workflow is very important for vector graphics which are to be printed

          by pure inks or combinations of few inks. Especially, K-only should not be replaced by

          Rich black.

          The CMYK profile can be used for the preview, but never ever for further conversions.


          For more information the intended application should be described.


          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

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            thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The issue is Illustrator, not EPS per se so if you have an application that can embed a profile (Photoshop, InDesign etc) you might want to use those tools.

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              Martha52 Level 1

              Thanks Gernot for your detailed explaination.


              I want to make sure I understand -– If the file remains as an EPS, and then is placed in a InDesign doc, the EPS file will use the Working Spac set in InDesign–is that correct?

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                G.Hoffmann Level 3



                you're right, the document color space is used for the appearance.

                But it is perhaps surprising, that placed EPS cannot be converted

                by Export to PDF with Convert to destination. Please see below.


                The screenshot at the end shows a page of a document ID CS6.


                The target is originally defined by Lab numbers and appears by three versions,

                programmed directly by PostScript:


                sRGB – coded by sRGB numbers
                pRGB – coded by ProPhoto RGB numbers
                Lab    – coded by Lab numbers


                The color settings for ID are shown. Document color space is sRGB for RGB.


                It is not possible to assign color spaces individually to the EPS graphics
                (it would be possible for raster graphics, TIFF for instance) .


                As expected, pRGB appears little saturated, because it is interpreted in sRGB.


                Screenshot handling by Assign Monitor Profile and Convert to sRGB.


                Export to PDF:


                a) Leave colors unchanged:
                The PDF looks like the screenshot (sRGB chosen in Acrobat).


                b) Convert to Destination and embed profile:
                For instance sRGB or pRGB (two different tests).
                The appearance is exactly like a).
                That says: EPS numbers are not affected by Export to PDF.
                The data are truly encapsulated.


                This is obvious as well here (p.5 – p.7):


                Best regards -- Gernot Hoffmann 


                View screenshot by scale 100%