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    Submit by email button.


      I have created a survey form and want to add a submit by email button.  I tested to see if that work by puttin my email, after click on the button I received the file in DATA.XML.  I want to receive in PDF, not sure how to set up that in Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0, pleaes help?

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          You will need to select "PDF" as the format on the submit button properties, and enable usage rights in the PDF form using "Adobe Acrobat" in order to submit whole PDF format.


          Until the latest version of Adobe Reader, only Acrobat PRO and STD users are able to submit whole PDF formats.


          Email submissions are not a 100% reliable solution, because; not all browsers are setup for client-side email software.


          However, you can submit to a server-side script such as PHP or ASP.net and this would bypass client-side email software.


          For online PDF submission examples: