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    Playing a long comp into a shorter comp


      I want to play a full 15sec composition that is in a 3sec composition duplicated multiple times.


      In Comp1 : 15sec    are    BLOCK 3sec duplicated 5 times  (fozen 2 times at 1st frame)

      in every BLOCK 3sec   is a   STAR 15sec composition.


      When I play Comp1, the STAR composition stops after 3 seconds (when the BLOCK stops too).


      I want the STAR composition to play full 15second. Meaning STARs curentFrame must be = Comp1 currentFrame regardless of which BLOCK 3sec is playing.


      I attached an example. (.aep CS6):  www.razor3ds.com/ftp/test.aep

      Here is the video: http://youtu.be/MWBJLf-nVJQ


      Note that this is a simplified version of whan I am currently working on, so STAR 15sec must stay within BLOCK 3sec.

      (BLOCK is a mobile phone and STAR is the phones screen)


      I am sure the solution is easy. Just an expresion to STAR 15sec to play in paralel with Comp1 or something. But I can't find anything and don't really know what keywords to search to be honest.