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    PrE 12 fails to load on Win 8


      Hey all;

      Installed PrE 12 on my Win 8 machine, have it updated via the Adoe updater, and PrE still crashes upon load of a new project (PrE starts, but when trying to open/create a new project it crashes), also, when double clicking a .prel file that was saved with PrE9.0 it crashes.

      * I have run through check lists on this forum (from installing latest drivers,latest QuickTime, running as Admin etc)

      Nothing helps.

      Still crashes on (as taken from the event log)  "Faulting module name: dvacore.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x523cc5bf" constantly.

      * Orginizer opens fine and seems to be fully functional

      * PrE 9 works fine on the same machine

      * No network drives mapped on this machine as well


      any clue?