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    APE12 Random white flashes in rendered and exported footage.

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      Hey there,

      This is my first post in the forum, and I have already done a few google searches to try and resolve my problem, but to no avail!

      I am also very new to Premiere Elements 12, and any other NLE out there, but I feel like I have learned a lot in a very short period.

      So, now the problem;

      I took some footage, from my T3i/600D which I believe uses AVCHD, I shot this at 1080p at 24fps (23.976fps). At first I loaded the footage in and edited it so that the clips would fade in and out of each other, and I was very pleased. I decided to play with colour correction, and again achieved the effect I wanted. However, there was a white door frame in the footage (which couldn't have been avoided) and it was kind of jarring to watch after colour correction. I exported this, just to see how it looked, using a custom AVCHD MP4 preset for 1080p and 23.976fps, and there were no playback issues. So, I decided to apply a vignette.

      From my searches, I think the vignetting effect is fairly new in APE12? Because I have seen a few tutorials on creating a vignette in Photoshop for example, and then using the 'image matte keying' effect.

      Initially, I tried applying the vignetting effect bundled with APE12 to one of my clips, but I couldn't figure out if it was possible to change the shape of the vignette (from oval to a more square vignette), or how to move it without moving the entire clip out of the frame. Just to clarify, I applied the vignetting effect straight to the clip, I'm not sure if it is possible to create an adjustment layer to apply the vignetting effect to, which would then allow me to move the vignetting effect separate from the original video clip.

      So, I decided to make my own vignette using a few tutorials and I use png file. I exported the video with my vignette, again using the same custom preset I mentioned earlier. It worked but, I wasn't happy with the end result, but there were no playback issues. So, after making a few more vignettes and more trial and error, I eventually created the look I desired. I hadn't really bothered rendering any of the clips before this point. So without rendering, I exported the project again at AVCHD MP4 1080p 23.976fps. After the export had finished, I used VLC Player to view the clip and I noticed, what I would describe as a few 'white flashes' here and there. I also checked to see if it was the video player, and played the same clip with both Quicktime player and Windows Media player - but the flashes remained.

      So, I've tried my best to isolate the problem, and by this time I had also used rgrain in the clip. I disabled rgrain and re-rendered and the flashes would still appear. I disabled the new vignette, I made, and re-rendered and the white flashes had gone. I re-enabled my vignette and again re-rendered it and I skipped through the frames to one of these ‘'white flashes' and the video image is still there, but it looks more like there is a white filter on the top of the video clip with the opacity turned down slightly as to see the original video image (if that makes sense?) So, I disabled the adjustment layer with the vignette I had made, and the orginal video image appeared as normal. So, I guess this is a problem with the vignette? However, if the original vignette I had made, there were no problems - so, I don’t understand why there is a problem now? Again I have done some searches, and I adjusted the vignette field option firstly to remove flicker, I re-rendered and the problem was still there. I changed the field options again to deinterlace the vignette, but again the flashes remained. And then I tried both options with the anti flicker effect found in the motion section. But again nothing gets rid of this flashes, and they only disappear if I disable the vignette, which kind of defeats the purpose. Also, the flashes are randomly scattered through my exports - making this even more confusing.

      I have also checked the edit, to see if there were any gaps between footage and there aren't any. And, I can't really think of what else to do/try.

      I haven't cleared the media cache yet, would this potentially help? And, is clearing the render files the same thing as clearing the media cache?

      Also, the only other thing I can think of, because the flashes don’t appear to be consistent through the various exports, could I use the exported files to create a clip without these flashes? Would I loose any image quality? I don't know if that is a silly question, but I always have in my mind the idea of recording the same recording of a VHS and loosing quality.

      Also, I’m not sure if it is a problem with the render? I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, on a computer I built in 2009, so an Intel Core 2 Duo, overclocked at 3.6ghz, 4gb ram, and a 5800 series AMD gfx card. I know the machine is slightly dated, but I would have thought, although it may take longer to render files, it would essentially be the same?

      Sorry for the long post, I tried to be as detailed as possible and thanks in advance!