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    Photoshop CS5


      Recently while working on photos my CS5 has shutdown on me unexpectedly and for no apparent reason.  I have also noticed that in the adjustments the numerical values will all of a sudden gray out.  I can still make adjustments but I have to use the mouse and I cannot type any values in or use the sliders.  What I have been doing to correct this is restarting CS5 and that sometimes works but it is temporary.  Sometimes I have to turn my computer off to correct this.  Does this mean that I need to reinstall my CS5?

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          We can't know. you have not provided any relevant technical info like system specs or the crash logs. Reinstalling may fix it, but then again it may not. This could be a graphics or input device driver problem or a wrong region & language setting... Well, whatever, we can't know based on what little we know about your system.



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            Sorry, I will do what I can.  I am running on a PC, english language, US.  Windows 7 with 352 GB free of 457.  Don't really know what more you would need?  There really isn't any crash logs, at least that I can find, all I get is a message saying that Photoshop is going to shutdown and withing seconds it does.  What else can I provide you with that will help?

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              …What else can I provide you with that will help?



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