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    Dual Monitor Issues in Mavericks

    chfilm2 Level 1



      I have a 27" iMac with a 24" Cinema Display and in after effects I distributed all my panels over the two screens. On the Cinema Display there's mainly the timeline and some other panels.

      I love the new "every screen has it's own space" feature in mavericks, but am unable to use it due to an issue in after effects CC:


      Every few times I launch it, everything that should be on the cinema display somehow vanished. There's absolutely no way of getting the timeline back (over the window menu e.g.) but to reset all panels to standard configuration, which was unbearble, since I have such a specific custom panel layout with many scripts and stuff in it.

      I went through it 3-4 times, then decided to shut the separate space feature in mavericks off. Since then I dont have the problem anymore, but it annoys me with everything else I do on the machine.


      I'm aware that after effects doesnt support the fullscreen features in OSX (why not btw?), but since it basically lets me spread all it's windows over separate spaces, it should be able to remember that setup afterwars. And sometimes it does in fact, but not all the time. Very frustrating. Any Ideas? Or can you tell me how to report this to adobe?